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When The Clock Strikes 12

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My love for Super Junior is beyond explanation, and this of course includes EACH and EVERY member there is. Amidst my super irregular sleeping pattern, I once had a very strange dream.  That it still makes me feel weird until now! So here it goes!

I actually have this daily routine.

I lived like that for 2 months now.



Workout at a gym by 12nn.

I’m currently in love with Body Combat (brings out the bad ass in you)

Got no gym crush to flirt with yet, so I go home by 2pm


My dad comes home from work around 3pm.

I will prepare a snack for him and we will watch NBA.

Sometimes, we do play facebook games (He’s mad about candy crush)


I’ll ask for a cigarette from him.

And he gives me only one.

This has been our little secret.

My mom will go ballistic if she knows of this.


I’ll smoke it at the bathroom and then take a bath later on.

After, we will debate on what to eat for dinner.

I will fold the newly laundered clothes my mom hanged yesterday.

Sweep the floor and clean around.

Either I or my dad will prepare dinner.


My mom comes in at around 6pm.

She will always have a small take-away for me and my dad to share.

She will do the laundry (yes, she does the laundry everyday; clean freak!)


Altogether, we will eat our dinner and laugh about many things.

Washing the dishes has always been my task, so I do after dinner.

My Mom will now take her turn using their laptop to play Candy Crush

My Dad will now watch his favorite variety shows.

And I will go back to my sanctuary.

My cozy little room.


By that time, I will read a fic,

Update my fic, accompanied by my iTunes tracks

Sometimes I watch Running Man or Barefoot friends

Or maybe WGM instead.


More often, I’ll sleep at 4am.

Only to be woken up by my Dad by 6am

I’d need to take his Blood Sugar before he eat and go to work.


After doing so, being a lazy ass as I am, I go back to sleep.

If hunger persists, my will eat my breakfasts.

It will only contain a bowl of cereals, no more, no less.

Why? Diet reasons. (My $400 gym monthly fee will go to waste!!!)


By 9am, my Mom will wake me up again.

This time, her back wound needs to be dressed before she goes to work.

Yeah, I’ll repeat it, I’m lazy, I go back to bed as soon as my mom leaves.


It was around 12nn that my sleep got interrupted.

Probably, because it’s workout time.

To hell!

The duvet’s inviting warmth swallowed me again.

So off to slumber land once again.


Then, there!

I was in a classroom filled with armchairs.

Blackboard and 2 red doors at each side.

I believed it was college as everyone wore casual attires.

The classroom was already half filled.

It felt like we were waiting. Possibly the professor.


I talked to a girl. She wore glasses and has a long black hair.

She sounded like the best friend here.

I know her; I just can’t remember her name.


I don’t know when the classroom got filled with students.

A female professor came in.

She made the class sing.

“So, this is a music class?” I thought to myself.


A few minutes have passed since the class started.

Then 2 guys came in and were scolded by the professor for being late.

They were bowing in apology as they took the seats at the very back of the class.


When they got settled on their seats, I saw their faces.

And holy freaking shi*t, its GD and TOP.

I’m not sure why I know them, but I do.


TOP was still panting, maybe from running.

He wore a suit and a plain white shirt, without a tie.

GD was taking deep heavy breaths too and was holding onto sheets of paper.

He wore a huge black coat above his printed shirt.

Both in sleek black pants.


The teacher scolded them once more.

The entire class is silent, all heads turned to the two late comers.


And then, the class started to sing again.

After a few measures, my friend and I were singing the solo.

At least, I believed she’s got the much major part.

I was just doing the harmony for her.


Then, this bunch of dudes started laughing.

Annoyingly laughing.

It was as if they are laughing at my friend’s singing.


The teacher reprimanded them.

They went silent.

I threw a sharp glare at them as they kept suppressing their laughter.

I shook away my anger.

“This is class.” I told myself.


Then, the class sang again.

The solo part came in again.

My friend and I were looking at each other as we sang.

Exchanging eye signals for the timing.


The annoying jocks laughed in their hearts content again!


Even before the professor says another word, I was on my feet.

Holding onto the music sheet, I made my way to the rear end of the classroom.

I smashed one armchair with the fairly thick music sheet I was holding.

“What the hell is your problem???!!!” I screamed, glaring at the dudes.


I noticed the owner of the armchair is slouching like an ass.

That made me angrier. Rage is running hotly through my veins.


He stood up and geez! He’s tall.

From then, I knew his name.

This is Choi Siwon. My mind knows that.

But that didn’t keep me from slapping his face.

“What the hell is wrong with you?

“Why were you laughing?”

I kept asking as my madness grew some more.


He just frowned and walked past me.

Oh.My.God. You don’t do that to me!

I followed him and tugged his shoulder.



I slapped his face once more!

He took a deep breath and I saw frustration in him.

“How dare you laugh at my friend?”

“Who exactly you think you are?”

“Are you a politician’s son?1”

“Whatever you are, how dare you?1

I continued with my litany of questions.


I was expecting him to fight back, but he didn’t.

He just stood before me stepping back and forth.

Frustration masking his face.


Then, in a swift, he kicked the red door open.

Letting the bright sunshine enter the room.

He gripped my wrist.

And ran out the room to the almost blinding lights from the hallways.


My heart began to throb erratically.

Pounding my chest really hard, making it all hard to breath.

There’s this huge bolus of air in my throat.

My heart slowly increased its rate.

But in my mind all I had is anger.

I don’t know why I’m so furious about that small small thing.

I could have just ignored it, but my anger swallowed me whole.

By that time,

I don’t think I can get angrier.

I felt like my heart can’t beat any faster.

Then I opened my eyes and saw the clock saying its 12:24nn. My heart was pounding and beating like hell. It took me more than a minute to steady my breathing and my heart finally calmed down a bit. But the feeling of being so angry was absolutely there. I was angry when I woke up! The weird here is that I have nothing against Choi Siwon, in fact I drool over his chiseled body and hot chocolate abs! Being angry at him is very far away, even in my subconscious, so I wonder why? But why??? Can somebody explain it to me?  Did anybody had the same experience? Share it with me! 😀



Author: iamlaira

I'm also a writer for AsianFanfics.com and news editor for Kpopconcerts.com

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