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Eric Northman to meet his True Death?

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Disclaimer: These entry has some spoilers for Season 6’s Episode 9, if you haven’t seen it yet, you might wanna skip this one!

It’s getting more and more complicated as I watch the 9th Episode of the latest Season of True Blood! With Bill thinking he’s some sort of messiah for the Vamp-race, Sookie entangled with a Vamp-Fay Hybrid, Warlow, and Eric still in grief for losing his sister, everything is just all over the place!

Maybe I could deal with the death of the very kind and gentle character of Terry Bellefleur or maybe anybody else dying but ERIC FRIGGIN NORTHMAN?! Hell no! I would probably lose my interest. The signs are somehow evident with that recent episode with Pam’s aloud-thinking that made the episode super cliff-hanger!

Is the season promotional poster giving us a hint on this? Or this is all just part of the “promotion” thing?

Skarsgard did an interview saying “It’s all about challenges and doing things that don’t feel repetitive. There’s gotta be some question marks. Moving forward, i want to keep pushing myself and to find those challenges and learn to grow as an actor.”

When this was published by a reporter about Alexander’s potential departure, Kristen Bauer Van Straten (Pam) got emotional and said, “I love being around him.” Oh Kristen, who on earth wouldn’t want to be around him 70 hours a week? I’d even do 168 hours a week!

But is it true? Will Alexander do his final bow and leave the show for good?

Well, we wouldn’t know until the actual episode airs and our beloved dark angel Mr. Northman disintegrate into a pile of yucky blood-red goo. Just let the suspense serve it’s purpose and let’s all take our vitamins and do exercise hoping we wouldn’t die before it happens!

True Blood airs every Sunday on HBO! Stay tuned Trubies!


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One thought on “Eric Northman to meet his True Death?

  1. Fuck this Shit PAM better of saved ERIC!!!!! This show will be done at season 7, if he is gone. Fucking bullshit!!!!!

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