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Marrying types: Are you one too?

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 This article points to one thing; strong women! Basically, they are the marrying types because they are the ones who wouldn’t screw up in the long run. They think and they respect themselves and they do know that they deserve the best!

This article is flattering me, actually. I’m working my ass off now to save funds and get some graduate studies, I ‘m aiming to be independent and geez, how I love to sit idly in my balcony and gradually finish a bottle of wine! And most importantly, I love buying my own things. I don’t even want my parents to buy me stuff now. Of course it’s a good thing but it feels very unlikely to me now. Haha!

But I didn’t knew that  was the marrying type. Yeah, I’ve imagined myself married and settled some years from now but there are just so many things I want to do before all that.

And yeah, strong women run the world!






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