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SS5 Manila is Set!

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I dont think I can get more frustrated than I am now!!!

I went to another country to get myself a better job. My parents are here with me now so I dived in into the opportunity. Getting settled in this country afters a few weeks was a piece of cake since everything is actually comfortable.

Little did I know that SS5 Manila will be so so so possible, I took the courage to get my ass here! The concert tour started and all and rumors around the SNS roamed around and that made me feel really bad already. Some more weeks later, producers confirmed that the concert will be held indeed. I was so flabbergasted and I didn’t knew what to do since my visa won’t allow me to go back to the Philippines in time for the concert. Well, in fact, missing the CN Blue concert took my misery to a whole new level.  But, come on now! This is Super Junior, the very core of my Kpop history, the reason why my fangirling heart beat every single second! And I’m definitely missing the opportunity which comes along almost once in a lifetime! This is purely torture!

Rumors of the concert happening in August came as the CN Blue concert came much nearer and nearer. I painfully accepted I won’t see Yonghwa and Jonghyun upclose after consoloing myself for over 3 months now. If I basically needed 3 months to get over CN Blue, how many months do I need to get over SuJu? I can’t even begin counting!

It was then confirmed that the prettiest flower boy, Heechul, is coming back from his military service on August 31, 2013 which is indeed my 23rd Birthday. I was so happy with the thought and that consoled me so much. It’s was like a present! My very very first bias is coming back to the limelight on my birthday! How any more meaningful can it get? After waiting for 2years in smile and agony, he’s finally coming back to his Petals.

I stayed out from any SJ tracks for so many weeks. Hearing the songs makes everything so so painful. Just imagining I won’t be able to hear it live when opportunity to do so presents itself is so fist-clenching!

Scanning through twitter today, I bumped into a tweet from one of the fanclubs I’m following. They retweeted a tweet from a producer. Now there’s a definite date! It’s happening in October 24 in Mall of Asia Arena and yeah, they might get Heechul to come to the concert as well. I froze at the announcement! This is just so heartbreaking!

I would fly back to the Philippines today if not for the pending job offers I get now. Deep breathing doesn’t take the misery away.

But I really do hope that my fellow Philippine ELFs would enjoy and do have a reat time with the boys and I’m sorry for ranting, I just can’t believe my flower boy is slipping out from my hands.


Author: iamlaira

I'm also a writer for AsianFanfics.com and news editor for Kpopconcerts.com

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