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Unemployed No More…or Not!

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Woohoo! Finally! I landed on a job! I started today and it was so hectic! Everyone expects me to know what I need to do on the very first day. Sheesh! But it’s fine, I think it’s an integral part of the learning process.I hoped I could adjust and cope up really well SOON!


I was determined to proceed with the job, so I decided to head for bed early and go to work tomorrow. But I just kept on tossing and turning, my brain just won’t shut up! I kept thinking about my future, computing my supposedly wage every month, application for leave so I could go back in my hometown for Christmas (Geez, Family-less Christmas is like being crucified for me), and will I be able to save up the fund I needed to do my Master’s Degree in the future.


Then I realized, I’m going far away, so distant from the future that I wanted. Everything you do today will surely affect you tomorrow, so I opted to think harder, decide and be firm with it.


But I just don’t think that job is right for me. On my upcoming 2nd day to work I already feel like I will be dragging my feet to work. The cons of the job offer and the pros are not even. I bent so many things for me to fit into my employer’s need. I don’t like this.


I’m a Licensed Medical Professional and it seems that my body is craving for the medical jargon and clinical duties. I don’t know what’s got into me that I easily set aside the course I’ve worked and striven for, for more than 5 years! I spent blood, sweat and tears getting my degree and license.


Yeah, I may be a noob in my career but I don’t think I deserve to be bossed around by so many people in that Construction Site! Medical Professionals are for clinics and hospitals and we take care of the sick, not for a PortaCabin in the middle of the sandy dessert!


I would be so ashamed to face myself in the mirror because I will always see myself as a Nurse.


There are so many jobs , I just have to find it!


Good things come to those who wait, remember that!


Author: iamlaira

I'm also a writer for AsianFanfics.com and news editor for Kpopconcerts.com

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