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Job VS Vocation

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My second day at work as an Assistant Teacher in a Nursery has ended. And I’m dead tired! I’m now wondering how am I able to write this despite the very few energy left in me.

Oh well, I just realized today that new found job is a whole lot of a challenge. My profession still do apply but, nah! Taking care of so many kids can’t be taught by a book or by a class. And that is at least how I feel; this is not a job, it’s a vocation. Meaning blood, sweat and a dam of patience is the key to lasting long.

But I’m not too discouraged because the tasks and the job is very much rewarding. With just a smile from the little monsters sweeps everything away!

Anyhow, I promised myself I won’t back down! I’ll do this all the way!

This career path will lead me to my dreams and goals! Let me tell you about those in another entry, okay? I’ll take my nap now! (my head keeps singing ♪ chick, chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken..lay a little egg for me..♫)


Author: iamlaira

I'm also a writer for AsianFanfics.com and news editor for Kpopconcerts.com

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