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[KDrama] King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu

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I’m aware that I’m so late already because I was actually hesitant to watch this because I perceived it to be a heavy drama (well, it is indeed a heavy drama) but my infatuation for Yoon Shi Yoon took over. Watching him being so quiet and mature in Barefoot Friend made me want to see him more.

Through this drama, he actually proved his versatility and amazing capabilities in acting. I saw him being oh-so funny and childish in Flower Boy Next-Door but here. The funny and playful guy was seen too but he was able to let the audience feel that there is a certain sadness in him despite the positive facade.

It made me curious if such greedy and evil people really do exist and how far they could really go just to get their wants. It’s would be really heartbreaking to know that such person really do exist.

Talking about the ending, I like how he ended up with Lee Young Ah’s character. At the beginning of the series, I wanted Tak Gu to end up with her because she was funny, less gloomy and feisty. On the other hand, Eugene’s character was tainted with a very bad past that she ended up being the bad one. I always believed that leading ladies should be the ‘almost’ perfect one. That is the contributing factor why I don’t like her to end up with Tak Gu. It was also relieving that she was the one who make Joo Won’s character change and re-think about his actions that absolutely turned the story around.

Well, I’m giving it 10 out of 10! It was great! No dull moments, it made me really thrilled to go home after work, it made me laugh and cry and it was really educational. The soundtrack was incredibly amazing. The viewing experience was really nice especially when KyuHyun’s voice surfaces each time someone cries and delivers the lines. And most importantly, I love the ending, just exactly what I want it to be.


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