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[KDrama] If In Love Like them

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I’ve been really interested into watching this ever since I saw the wonderful promo poster of this short drama. Unfortunately, I never really had to do so, so it took me this long to actually watch it.

Lee Dong Gun! I think it’s quite enough to say that this drama rocks! Haha! In addition to that, Lee Hyori stars in this movie too. As far as I know this is the only drama she’s been in; how unique it can get?

Getting to the story, it tells how fate can really bring 2 people together. Inconvenient circumstances brought them together and their relationship just happen to turn out really well. They both fell in love and it was tested in a really awful way; by death! i did cry when that person died in the drama. They were in love in their own special way (well, everyone loves in their own unique ways!) and there were so many things that they could still do for each other in the future but there are just things that are beyond our control. Surely, there are so many could-have-beens but maybe we just have to look at how they spent their days. Quality VS Quantity as they say!

The drama was shot gloomily; foreshadowing a tragic ending. The casts were obviously incredible but I can’t remember anything from the soundtrack; nothing really appealed to me. If there was just one song that got into me it would be amazing. I’m giving it a 6 out of 10. Well, if I’m in love like them, I would probably rate it higher!



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