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[Movie] Bakit Di Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?

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Before watching the movie, I decided to read the book first and I was laughing the entire time! It was real, funny, bold and witty. It was as if Ramon Bautista was just stating the ready given facts that we always choose to ignore, it’s an eye opener.

As for the movie, though the book didn’t really had  storyline in it, they incorporated one to fit the contents of the book. Xian and Kim were very convincing pair, maybe because of their rumored off cam romance. There was no overacting, no exaggerations and you could easily relate to it as it actually happens in most people.

In addition to that, the soundtrack has a very catchy melody that I always find myself humming and singing the song! I bet most of the people who heard it sang along each time the chorus played. Zia Quizon did a very nice job in here.

All in all, I’m giving it 8 out of 10. It was really really good but not enough to make it into my perfect movies list. I just thought that there could have been a better storyline. I kinda hoped they didn’t go for the typical and predictable one. But I must commend Kim Chiu for playing her role so hilariously, I never expected her to be able to pull off a comedy role.

Here’s the lovely Zia Quizon singing the soundtrack!


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