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[FanFic] Turn Out the Lights

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Another Daraon fic is it! It wasn’t perfect but it sure was a hell of a joy ride reading this one. Gangsters and politics, asskicking and some sweet lovin is what TOTL gave me and it’s absolutely entertaining. The whole setting matched the actual personalities Dara and GD. Dara being the innocent, fragile and bright while GD is the complete opposite. This story made me realize that love can spark anywhere; in the uptowns, slums, mansions and even in the most crappy apartment ever.

There were some dragging transition chaps but it was all good; we all get that sometimes. Although it had a very vague ending it was still worth reading; it gives you the feeling that some things are better left unsaid and undone, sometimes it’s better that you leave things the way they are supposed to be and let fate do it’s thing. The hanging vibe at the end of the story leaves much more impression than those typical happy endings. I believe this story can make a good drama series.

I loved how the author named the chapters after some songs in relation to the events happening in the story. It kinda makes the reading experience better because you get to listen to something while you go on and I would definitely re-read this on my free time.



Author: iamlaira

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