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Recent Ear Candies!

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I’ve been listening to these lovely tracks while I’m going to work, to the gym and even while I’m just showering!

  • Some – Soyu (from Sistar) and Junggigo (feat. Lil. Boi of Geeks) – this feel-good song has a very catchy melody. It clears my head and fills it with so much love; making me want to fall in love all the more.
  • Man on Piano – YoonHan – I actually heard this song from WGM, a show where the singer appears together with an actress, So Yeon. I’m loving this very cute and affectionate couple; they are very gentle and I can sense there’s a real romance budding off-cam (or maybe that’s what I just hope).
  • Doom Da Da – T.O.P (from BigBang) – Well, what can I say? This is from the one and only “Tatatatap”! I can’t just ignore this and push it down at the very bottom of my playlists. I’m not just listening to this track when I run; I watch the MV as it jump starts my workout! Doom Da Da Divi Da!
  • Crooked – G Dragon (from BigBang) – What could be the best motivation to keep me running for the next 20 minutes? Of course, a G Dragon who keeps on singing and whining that he’ll be twisted because I left him.

Author: iamlaira

I'm also a writer for AsianFanfics.com and news editor for Kpopconcerts.com

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