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[Movie] Magic Mike

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I’ve been meaning to watch this since it premiered but I actually can’t find the time to do so. Now that I’ve seen it all I can say is Wow! The cast is totally awesome, the setting is extremely hot and the dancing just makes my eyes want to pop out of their sockets!

I had this aim of going to a gay bar once right before I turn 18 but up to this moment I’ve haven’t gone to one yet. I bet it’ll be totally fun going with my girls and GBF. It’s funny how my brother who’s a Multimedia Artist went before I did together with his colleagues for their video documentary project on male strippers.

Well, If this movie doesn’t get you, then i don’t know what movie will! Ha ha! It definitely left me drooling! So it gets my 10 out of 10!

There are all sorts of talks and rumors going around about the 2nd installment of the movie. The plan is to bring back the original cast for one road trip movie, not a slice-of-life movie. Channing said he wants to put a shit-ton of fun and crazies that you would hardly see in a movie.

Delectable Hunks, more sexy Lap Dancing, and one hell of a crazy road trip; sounds like a great recipe for my cup of tea!


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