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[Movie] Spring Breakers

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While Magic Mike left me drooling over hunkies that looks like they are fresh from a magazine cover shoot, Spring Breakers left me absolutely dumbfounded.

The premise was clear and predictable but the screenplay was so deep and it gives off a lot of meaning to it. I suddenly got reminded of my earlier years as I also had my fair share of crazy night and days, but not too insane like these youngsters in the movie. It’s in a different level of crazy! I’ve done grave and totally regrettable deeds back then but I somehow knew where and what my limits are.

James Franco! My God, I thank you for him! I’ve haven’t really noticed him much until this movie. I guess he’s next to Elen Degeneres and Brendan Fraiser in my Top 10 list of the coolest Hollywood personalities! I super love him and I think I’ll have some marathoning to do. I’ll give this movie a 6 out of 10 plainly because they fuckin killed James at the end of the movie! Like what is that? Seriously! Geez!


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