Writing with Laira

Join me as I write everything about my multimedia inclinations and crazywhatnots, straight from my journal!

Know Me More

Before I found myself loving reading and writing stories, I actually loved the field I studied for 4 bloody years in the University. I’ve always hated studying so i opted to finish mine as soon as I could. I graduated by the age of 19 and was able to get my license at 20. Afterwards, I got myself loads of time to spend in front of my beloved laptop and eventually started writing stories for Asianfanfics in 2010. I admit that I might be an unseasoned writer but I would want to be one.

Well, literary is not the only thing I’m fond of! The most romantic love story could be the most boring one without a good soundtrack! My family especially my Dad is a fan of singing and various artists. On the other hand, my Mom and her sisters are also captivated by the ear-candies from the 70’s and 80’s. I basically grew up listening to those older songs and I mostly prefer listening to those than of those recently released and sung by artists my age.

Stories come to life when they are made to films and TV dramas. As many say, visuals are the most effective medium of communicating. You would be able to tell so many things with just a picture, what more a video? My love for movies is not any less than my love for books and music. I can I say I’ve seen hundreds of thousands of screen time already.

Since this is my BLOG, I would have so much time to get myself known to you guys in my future entries! See yah around! Keep safe! ❤


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