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Ghostly Encounters

Heyy, I feel the need to write but I don’t actually know where to start as I’m utterly confused at the moment. This will be so random and it might sound like I’m ranting but this is how my thoughts flow. So there.

Yes, I like the effects. I’m losing a lot of weight but this feeling has a special powers in reminding me why I don’t like feeling this way again.

I recently took huge steps towards something and I was brave and happy. With that car, I could regularly go to hear the mass now and I’ve been praying constantly for only 2 things. One of them is being given in installment but the other one was something opposite of what I was asking for (tho I’m not really sure if it is).

But then I realize it all comes down to how I ended the very last relationship I had. Now I’m good, happy and a whole lot better and I have completely moved on.

I just dont know why I’m being reminded of that feeling again; that feeling when you trashed me.. It still feels exactly the same and it definitely have the same effects on me.


“You left me paralyzed, no cure, no rehab for me.

Funny how you got the nerve to keep asking me; how I’ve been?

You’re the victor in this pageantry but the only trophy you deserve, catastrophe.

I’d rather we be dead to each other.

No eulogies said for each other.

No “Rest In Peace’s”


You created  ghosts and monsters to haunt me each and every time I want to jump into something risky? I’m pretty sure you did coz I’m being preoccupied by these things I tried so hard to get rid of.


“I’m praying that your eyes are the first to go,

the way they looked when you smiled,

the way they opened and closed.

And your nose, every single breath against my neck.

And then your lips, every promise made and said.

Please fade.

Fade to black.”


You know how confident I am in making decisions but now, I’m starting to doubt my own judgement. I don’t trust myself anymore. I don’t know if I’m just being traumatized by what happened or I’m just being wise.


“I’ve been told, one day you’ll know too much heaven’s a sin.

After the show it’s only hell that it brings.

So take it slow and let time heal everything.

They say that time flies, but you keep breaking it’s wings

You never fade…fade to black…

And the nightmares come back.”


Risks! I don’t know how to take them anymore maybe it’s because of you. God surely knows how to question me and he asks things I find hard to answer. And now I know, and I’ve proven it; that your imagination can kill you. As it is killing me now like a poison; slowly and painfully.


“You wish me well…I wish you hell…”

(Tablo – Eyes, Nose, Lips 2014)


Regardless, I’m still a bit thankful. I feel. I’m ambivalent no more.


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A Walk Among the Tombstones

Hmm…Neeson just ensures that the movie you’re about to see is of quality. Only he can wear such brown corduroy coat and look so amazingly glorious before all the action.

The plot is simple and classic; one you’d typically find during the 90’s but every minute of it just took me into this thriller ride that digs a pit in my stomach. I loved how less complicated it is and how it engages you. It showcases how the world can be so unforgiving and violent at any given time. And I’ve always like such movies; trying to figure out a psycho criminal mind.

It’s a 7 as I hoped it wouldn’t be Taken-esque. Neeson tried to scare the guy over the phone again, played detective and risked his life trying to save another kidnapped girl, so yeah, it could belong to the Taken Series.


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Coffee Town

I wouldn’t have seen this movie if not for someone I call “Mr.” suggested that I see it. And now I’m thanking him for doing so. Thanks to him I had a good weekend night!

Talking about the movie, it’s pretty simple and plain but the script was beautifully made. The writer must be a genius or something! I liked how it was situated in a more relatable environment. Since I’m a big fan of coffee, I typically spend a lot of time in coffee shops. Whether I’m alone or not, rainy or sunny, sleepless or well rested, it’s always good to have  a cup of that addicting beverage in a nicely decorated area.

So losing that special place could be really upsetting. I know I won’t do something like what those 3 crazy idiots did but I will surely be sad over it.

Not to mention Groban’s appearance here; I never knew he’d consider being on the big screens! If I would pick my favorite scenes, it’d be the ones with him on it. Now I don’t know if I could take him seriously when he sings now.

This movie deserves a mighty 10. It is original, hilarious and not so mainstream. I love it! In addition to that Glenn Howerton’s eyes are oh-so pretty that I can’t leave it unsaid! So yeah! Now get out of here and watch it!


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[KMovie] Commitment


TOP! Oh my, Choi Seung Hyun! (His image in Doom Dada pops in my head whenever I say his name!) Just knowing he’d be releasing another makes me ultramega giddy! But when it came out many fans were surprised by some nonsensical subtitles!

Well, nothing can stop VIPs like me, so I still went to watch it! And even with the sucky subtitles, I came to like the movie! TOP did really great here, such an amazing improvement in acting! Of course I cried in the end!

His acting made me believe he can be an innocent poor young man with a very very dark past and intentions. The dark part was kinda expected but poor and innocent? I don’t think so! I’ve never imagined him as someone so powerless. TOP’s charisma always demands control and authority.

This movie deserves a 9! One less point for that very unnecessary ending! (and sucky subtitles!)


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[KMovie] No Breathing

As what I’ve posted before, I’ve never noticed Jong Suk even if I saw this earlier because I saw this movie all because of my beloved Seo In Guk! ( I didn’t just type ‘beloved’, didn’t I?)

My interest was piqued because it was all about swimming; my most favorite sport in the world! Another plus is that they shot some part of the movie in Davao, Philippines! Oh Yeah!

Seo In Guk didn’t fail in making me laugh in this movie! He’s always funny everywhere and at anything! (Now I can’t take his music videos seriously!)

I loved how the movie focused on friendship and sportsmanship. So inspiring and it made me more motivated to keep pushing forward.

I’ll give this a 10 if that ‘No Breathing’ technique is actually extant.


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[KMovie] Hot Young Bloods

Every Park Bo Young movie I’ve seen has touched me like no other! First, the Werwolf Boy, and now this! I can very much relate to her personality here! (We’re pretty much the same!) She’s tough, feared and has got a bunch of pride up her sleeves. When love enters and it’s being threatened, I would probably feel the same; jealousy that can result to childish fights and acts.

But there’s a depth in every character here and I can’t say that this is not anywhere near innocent. It’s actually mature and a little bit dark.

This is the first time I took my time noticing Lee Jong Suk and his acting. I’ve seen him in a couple of movies but so far, this is his best.

I’ve always loved the high school life stories situated in old times and this one goes up on my favorite list!

10 out of 10 is what this one should have!

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[KMovie] Tough as Iron


Aside from SungKyungKwan, this is one of Yoo Ah In’s best screen apprearances! (Well, for me..) The role suited him so well. That young man, who’s good at fighting and in desperate need for money for some heartbreaking family-related matters fitted him really well. Mother and child stories never get old for me, I loved how they showcased that unconditional love mothers can always give and the same for the children to their parents. Now I can’t wait to be one too!

I must commend his acting skills, seems like a making of another So Ji Sub! I totally look forward to more movies and drama series from him. I just wish he’d be good with picking out his future projects.

I’d be giving it another 9 here because I’m feeling so generous today! Haha! Just kidding! This movie deserves a good review because it is a good movie and I highly recommend it!