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“The Inheritors”, I’m ready for you!


After my beloved Ji Sub amused me with his cold but appealing role in Master’s Sun, I’m finally ready for some Lee Min Ho lovin’. And to add to that, Park Shin Hye is joining in too! What more can you ask? Well, actually, there’s more because Kim Woo Bin and Kang Min Hyuk will be at the party also! Whew!

I’m so excited on how Min Ho and Shin Hye will take us on a roller coaster ride in this 20-episoder drama SBS is presenting us. It is being described as Gossip Girl-esque as the story would revolve around the privileged and uber-rich elitists. What other role could fit our beloved Minho best but a rich son of a business tycoon and Shin Hye, the ever gorgeous damsel in distress. I’m clenching my fists in thrill!

Am I the only one excited here?

Be at home on October 9 everyone.


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Boys come and go!


JJINBANGYeah they do!


This week proved so!


On August 27, my dear Song Joong Ki bid goodbye and enlisted in the army where he will serve for 5 weeks as a trainee and 21 agonizingly long months as a soldier. Though I’m confident that he’ll do so well during his service, just thinking that I won’t be seeing him in any show or series is really sad. 2 years is still 2 years! I just hope it gets by so fast.

On the other hand, D-Day for the discharge of our Big Space Star, Kim Heechul is bound to happen finally! He even posted his trademark JJINBANG as his very first entry in Instagram! (Yes, that controversial Instagram account, he did have thousands of followers even without posting anything on it!) The King of K-pop is finally coming back to the limelight stronger and bigger than ever! Every ELF must be so thrilled!

Well, as many people would say, if there are some people who leave, there would also be people who would come. Fair enough, isn’t?




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