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One Lax and Chilled August Playlist

August is my Birth month and my feels are all over that place as I get my summer vacation. Falling in love, doing chores, writing blog updates, working out and smoking as I stare at the off-white walls of my bathroom are what comprises my very long holiday. But I don’t know if I would be able to do even one of these without a musical accompaniment.

Here are some of the beautiful pieces I listen to recently.

Who wouldn’t love all these melodies these two produce? OMG! These love songs just makes me even crazier! Hahaha!


Ra.D will always be one of my favorites and I don’t think I would be able to remove his songs from my playlists. Don’t you agree?


I’m not a very big fan of EXO but this cool guy Chen made me one! Hahaha! I’m currently watching this drama (yeah, waiting for new eps sucks!) and I think I’m going crazy along with the characters! Loving it to bits!


What can I say? This rock cover rocked it! Jung Joon Young will always have a special space in my heart! He’s beyond 4D!


It might be a little old but I’ve always liked listening to this! I’ve seen them perform live in one of Jay Park’s Album Promo Tour.


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Recent Ear Candies!

I’ve been listening to these lovely tracks while I’m going to work, to the gym and even while I’m just showering!

  • Some – Soyu (from Sistar) and Junggigo (feat. Lil. Boi of Geeks) – this feel-good song has a very catchy melody. It clears my head and fills it with so much love; making me want to fall in love all the more.
  • Man on Piano – YoonHan – I actually heard this song from WGM, a show where the singer appears together with an actress, So Yeon. I’m loving this very cute and affectionate couple; they are very gentle and I can sense there’s a real romance budding off-cam (or maybe that’s what I just hope).
  • Doom Da Da – T.O.P (from BigBang) – Well, what can I say? This is from the one and only “Tatatatap”! I can’t just ignore this and push it down at the very bottom of my playlists. I’m not just listening to this track when I run; I watch the MV as it jump starts my workout! Doom Da Da Divi Da!
  • Crooked – G Dragon (from BigBang) – What could be the best motivation to keep me running for the next 20 minutes? Of course, a G Dragon who keeps on singing and whining that he’ll be twisted because I left him.

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October Ear-Candies

I’m either raping the play button or clicking the replay button each time I open my phone or my laptop for these 4 wonderful tracks~!

  • T Yoon Mirae’s “Touch Love” (from Master’s Sun OST) – Don’t you just want to fall in love again after hearing this?


  • Sistar’s Hyorin’s “Crazy of You” (another one from Master’s Sun OST) – who wouldn’t go crazy over So Ji Sub now? I automatically sing along now~!


  • Noel’s “Band-Aid” (from the movie Love 911) – I heard this feel-good song at the end of the movie and it was as good as Hyo Joo and Goo Soo!


  • Jung Joon Young’s “10 Minutes to Break Up” – You guys already know I love this track as it took me the very first time I heard it!