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[Book] Bared to You


Sexy!!! It’s the best word to describe the whole thing! It oozed with so much hotness and extreme scenes. The writer has a very different style; one moment the couple engages into some some steamy sex scene and then fight immensely like psychotic jerks the next. The novel takes you to a very thrilling hype only to be pulled back down by where the situation ends; sex. Whatever they do, in good terms or not, they always end up having sex somewhere and it’s kinda turning me off a bit; making the deed not worthwhile anymore. It would have been really awesome if there could be a perfect blend of some sweet romance and some of the scorching hot sexy time. I can only feel lustful here not falling in love. I’m not saying that this is a bad read actually it is good (if you’re after the smut only).

I still can say that Fifty Shades is a whole lot better. There’s order in the way the story was presented, an interesting beginning, mysterious middles and amazing climaxes at the end of each volume. Still giving it a 7 out of 10 for the fantastic sexy encounters. I would need to read the next installment “Reflected in You” to know better (that’s if I could gather some energy to pick up my phone and read).


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[Book] The Marriage Bargain

This is one of the recommendations I received when I signed up for Goodreads. The synopsis is written interestingly so I gave it a time. I was expecting for something out of the typical romcoms but I was disappointed. Not that it was bad but I kinda predicted what would happen next.

The bickering and crazy fights are all too cute and funny but the story was short and not that complicated. This reminds me of the recent movie by Xian Lim and Kim Chiu (Bride for Rent). This kind of storyline has been overly used many times now and I guess I should have taken the title  as a hint already. It was a good read but not too good.


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[Book] Wallbanger

Well, I just got off from reading some cheesy and ultimately romantic fanfics and came to read this one.

I don’t want to be a hypocrite but I got hold of this book because of it’s striking cover page; I bet you’ll pick this one too. But, yeah, I wasn’t disappointed at all! I got what I was expecting. Just what I expected and nothing more. There was not much extraordinary about it besides the extreme wallbanging episodes! It will make you curious to the core just thinking about what happens in the other side of the wall; in other words, the wall banging makes it a total page-turner.

Another good thing about this story is all about CLIVE!!! He’s the most adorable pet ever! I want one like him! He even had his own point of view in the story. (You gotta read it to know how!)

I loved how the characters were bickering and fighting all the time, the exchanges are absolutely clever and witty. Over all, I’ll give it an 8 out of 10 because there’s always a room for improvement!

Some of the fans of the book are rooting for Jensen Ackles as Simon “the wallbanger” Parker and Jennifer Lawrence as Caroline Reynolds. If this book suggests, sexy, witty, romantic, and some solid wallbanging, Jensen is the best pick! Woohoo!

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[Book] Mobster for Rent

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I joined AFF in 2010 and this fic was my very first Daragon story. From then on, I was proved, first love never dies!!! This is the most hilarious of them all! Nothing comes close!

The author is absolutely witty and her writing style is just so unique. Wide readers would find it awkward to read something from AFF due to some POV shiftings, (well, except the veteran readers of AFF) but this story was written in a different way. Yeah, it has POV shifts but no awkward feelings at all. I don’t know how Huntress made it that way but it was really smooth.

The story is well plotted and there were no dragging moment where you would just want to flip the next pages right away. No annoying occurrences, or tragedies or no stupid characters. Oh! Slash that! Dara is certainly a nuthead head but I think it’s the best asset of this fic. The heroine portrays a role that most fangirls can relate into and empathize. Every die hard romantic would love this because this book just overflows with cheeseballs, sugary pick up lines, the badassery and everything crazy!

The meeting of Destruction and Hymen was worth the wait! That is like the funniest, sexiest and hottest smut I’ve ever read! (Of course except fro SecretSeven’s smut writings, they’re on a different category) I never knew smut and comedy can be fused amazingly like this!

Huntress will forever be one of my favorite reads and I will keep on reading this author’s stories. So should you!

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[Movie] Bakit Di Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?


Before watching the movie, I decided to read the book first and I was laughing the entire time! It was real, funny, bold and witty. It was as if Ramon Bautista was just stating the ready given facts that we always choose to ignore, it’s an eye opener.

As for the movie, though the book didn’t really had  storyline in it, they incorporated one to fit the contents of the book. Xian and Kim were very convincing pair, maybe because of their rumored off cam romance. There was no overacting, no exaggerations and you could easily relate to it as it actually happens in most people.

In addition to that, the soundtrack has a very catchy melody that I always find myself humming and singing the song! I bet most of the people who heard it sang along each time the chorus played. Zia Quizon did a very nice job in here.

All in all, I’m giving it 8 out of 10. It was really really good but not enough to make it into my perfect movies list. I just thought that there could have been a better storyline. I kinda hoped they didn’t go for the typical and predictable one. But I must commend Kim Chiu for playing her role so hilariously, I never expected her to be able to pull off a comedy role.

Here’s the lovely Zia Quizon singing the soundtrack!