Writing with Laira

Join me as I write everything about my multimedia inclinations and crazywhatnots, straight from my journal!

Our Stories


– Yanna is in a middle of the typical college dilemma. Too worn out and confused, she took a drive. Without a destination in mind, she just drove wherever while her favorite tracks plays in the background. She felt better and lighter with the fresh air from the suburbs. As she was about to head back home, she took notice of a figure just beneath a more than average sized tree she just passed by. She wasn’t too sure what it was but curiosity got the best of her. She pulled over and got out of her car. She walked past through a few bushes and trees, towards the strange figure and looked in closer and surprised she may have, but it’s a man.

– This is my very first story written for Asianfanfics and it is currently in progress.

– Suzy is from a rich family but unlike the typical rich bitchy mean brat, oh, wait, yeah…maybe she’s a brat; a troublemaker and disruptive rather. She has this habit of doing crazy things and usually gets away with it because of her pretty face. Many adore her for her beautiful face and she’s inconsistently kind. Many guys from her school pursue her but she’s too crazy to notice anyone. Maybe she just needs someone crazier to notice. Leader of a gang called BigBang, one of the most feared gang in Seoul. Who would not fear a group of highly ranked gangsters? He’s short-tempered and shouting when pissed off is absolutely normal to him. Being charismatic and having the bad-boy image, girls can’t help but swoon over him. Unfortunately, for him, girls are nothing but a mere plaything. Maybe he just needs someone to make him think otherwise.

– I’m currently co-authoring for this story. Plot and storyline is original by an author named Nananashi.



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