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[KMovie] A Company Man

DISCLAIMER: This article CONTAINS SPOILERS, so if you’ve haven’t seen the movie, you might wanna skip this review for now!

I always believed that Ji Sub is fit for bad-ass-in-a-suit roles and this movie showcases that a lot. It’s not the first time but being the hitman he is in this movie just made him look more glorious and irresistible. And not to mention Dong Joon! Oh my Dong Joon!

But dilemmas are always brought in by women. Falling in love can turn any sane man into someone who you wouldn’t imagine him to be or maybe vice versa. The fight scenes showed Ji Sub’s strengths and expertise. I can’t say anything about his looks because it’s already given that his look can kill!

The film is absolutely amazing, the writer did an awesome job here for that fantastic ending! Totally amazing! I recommend that you see it for yourself and be the judge!

I’ll give it 9.5/10 plainly because they killed my beloved Dong Joon and Ji Sub! How can they think of doing that??? OMG!


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[Movie] 3 Days to Kill

One day, I decided to join my mother with her addiction to action, thriller and horror movies and I happen to see this movie that day!

Kevin Costner…hmmm..of course I was expecting it to be amazing and I wasn’t disappointed. With all that problems he’s facing; that one man can survive is truly motivating. Illegal arms trafficker, a brain cancer, estranged teenage daughter, a doubtful ex-wife and CIA’s elite assassin on his tail are the things he managed to deal with. I don’t think I can handle that much.

I’ll give it a 9 out of 10 for the action-packed scenarios but I believe that there’s always room for improvement.

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True Blood Season Finale

Disclaimer: This article HAS SPOILERS. If you’ve haven’t seen the season yet, I suggest you skip this one! 😀


I’ve haven’t seen the last of Season 6 when I heard that Season7 will be the Finale and I didn’t know how to react. I’ve got so much expectations from True Blood’s future episodes because I was reading the novel series like a bible.

I was actually saddened as the cast interviews started to get release one by one. (I didn’t dare watch even a single one!) I didn’t see the first episode right away and I wanted to wait till all of the precious episodes becomes available for viewing. Fortunately, due to my mom’s insistence, we saw the last of True Blood together leaving the very last one episode. We waited for a week and was a little depressed when Bill actually dies by Sookie’s hands.

It was so romantic in a very dark kind of way. He and his reasons were right. Ever since he entered that bar and met Sookie, conflicts and chaos never left Bon Temps. He love Sookie so much that he wanted her to live a normal life and he knew that it was impossible with him around. He wanted to feel human again and only death can make him feel that way. I cried a lot at the scene where Sookie finally did Bill’s favor. It was so heartbreaking! In the end, Bill truly loved Sookie.

Well, I can say, they wrapped it up so nicely and reasonably! I loved True Blood until the very end. Jason finally settled, Hoyt and Jessica got back together, Sookie marries an unknown person and all of Bon Temps was most likely at peace. Eric and Pam on the other hand, took the noisier path of Business. I’m not surprised though. Eric Northman always equates to wealth and power. Ever since we all saw him sat on that throne looking so dangerously hot and inviting, we all knew he was something of big scale! I’ll miss him. I’ll miss all of them!

True Blood is a 100/100 kind of drama series to me. I’d love to watch marathons with my mom and relive all the wonderful moments of True Blood! So long Trubies! 😀


One Lax and Chilled August Playlist

August is my Birth month and my feels are all over that place as I get my summer vacation. Falling in love, doing chores, writing blog updates, working out and smoking as I stare at the off-white walls of my bathroom are what comprises my very long holiday. But I don’t know if I would be able to do even one of these without a musical accompaniment.

Here are some of the beautiful pieces I listen to recently.

Who wouldn’t love all these melodies these two produce? OMG! These love songs just makes me even crazier! Hahaha!


Ra.D will always be one of my favorites and I don’t think I would be able to remove his songs from my playlists. Don’t you agree?


I’m not a very big fan of EXO but this cool guy Chen made me one! Hahaha! I’m currently watching this drama (yeah, waiting for new eps sucks!) and I think I’m going crazy along with the characters! Loving it to bits!


What can I say? This rock cover rocked it! Jung Joon Young will always have a special space in my heart! He’s beyond 4D!


It might be a little old but I’ve always liked listening to this! I’ve seen them perform live in one of Jay Park’s Album Promo Tour.


Highway to South Korea

In my previous entry, I’ve told you about wanting to go to SoKor and I thought that the first thing I need to know is how do I get there. No, getting there is easy. You can always book a flight, get a tourist visa and voila! You’re ready for a SoKor experience.

But as for me, I have bigger intentions. I want to go and stay there. That’s the hard part, how do you keep on staying there?

According to some bloggers, there are 2 options; it’s either you study or you teach. Teaching is quite easy if you’re a Native English speaker and have that golden passport. Apply for an English Teaching Job and you’re all set. But since I’m not/don’t have any of those, I’d have to go through the rougher way, so I dug in a little more (actually a whole lot more).

Studying the Korean Language is my master key for opening the gates and staying there longer than the Tourist Visa permits.

The Korean government gives foreigners a Visa specifically for studying the language. They will initially give you 3-6 months to learn and then you can just extend if it’s still not enough.

Here are some guidelines in getting a D4 Visa.

Visa for General Training (D-4)


For persons who study Korean at a university-run language school, persons who study in a qualified educational institute or an educational institute other than an academic research institute, persons who get technical training at national or public research institutes, training institutes, bodies etc. persons receiving payment from research institutes or who have industrial training system qualifications.

How to apply for visa & application requirements
How to apply Applicant submits visa application documents to an embassy or consulate of the Republic of Korea
Documents tobe submitted Valid Passport
Visa application form or Certificate for Recognition of Visa Issuance
Fee: Amount corresponding to USD 50 (single-entry permit) or USD 80 (multiple-entry permit))
Verification of School Entrance or Enrollment (Verification of Training)
Financial Verification (more than USD 5,000 in domestic bank account or certificate of currency exchange) or documentation under a university academic exchange agreement
Identification Verification (for those who cannot verify their financial ability for tuition and living expenses or upon the request of Justice Ministry)
※ Provided that, where you have a recognition of visa issuance or visa issuance recognition number, you only need to submit a valid passport, visa application form, and the visa issuance recognition (or number)


If you are on the industrious side and you would want to continue your education into a higher level, you can get a regular Bachelor, Masters or Doctoral Course from a University, you can actually get a better Visa.

Visa for Regular Educational Program (D-2)


Persons who intend to receive education in a standard course (Bachelors, Masters, Ph. D) or research specialist fields in junior colleges, universities, graduate schools established according to the Korean Education Law, or academic research institutions established under the provisions of a special law of a status as least as high as a junior college.

How to apply for visa & application requirements
How to apply Applicant submits visa application documents to an embassy or consulate of the Republic of Korea
Documents tobe submitted Valid Passport
Visa application form or Certificate for Recognition of Visa Issuance
Processing Fee: Amount corresponding to USD50 (Single-entry) or USD 80 (Multiple-entry)
Admission from the school with its Recognition of the student’s aptitude for study and financial ability
Most recent certificate of school record
Financial Verification (more than USD12,000 or USD13,000(capital city) in domestic bank account or certificate of currency exchange) or documentation under a university academic exchange agreement
Family Registry (Applies to Chinese only; Must include whole family)
※ In case of getting a recognition of visa issuance or visa issuance recognition number, you only need to submit a valid passport, visa application form, and the visa issuance recognition (or number)

*from http://www.studyinkorea.go.kr/en/sub/overseas_info/guide/guide_visa.do*

My dilemma here is how do I keep getting finances without a job. Of course you won’t earn anything without a job. the Korean Government has foreseen this and they give students some working permit to do part time jobs only after staying 4 months. (I’ll give you my insights on job hunting in another blog entry.)

Teaching (English Language, Specific Subjects and\or Professorship in Universities) is the spare key, ladies and gentlemen!

Well of course you won’t study forever and sooner or later you would want to get a better job and most importantly a high paying one. So, you can opt to teach.

You might be thinking, why teach when I have majored in some other field? Why not apply for a job related to that? Well, chances are extremely low my dear. Koreans are hardworking and they know their game, and that’s a competition. Korean companies would most definitely hire Koreans mainly because of the language and I’m gauging that they are more comfortable working with people with the same culture. Unless you do a job that they surely can’t, then chances of getting hired are better.

As I can see, Korea is going forward towards globalization and they are still learning the roundabouts and one of the steps is learning the English Language. And you, who knows English better can provide this to them.

The problem I can see here is that they only give these teaching Visas to Native English Speakers and the highly qualified professors (e.g. persons with Master’s and Doctoral degrees).

But since I’m a very stubborn woman, I won’t stop here. Of course I will dig some more. Some institutions or academies hire Non-Native speakers provided that you have nicer qualifications like TESOL and CELTA Certifications, Majors in Education and some good experience in teaching. (I’ll write another entry for these Certifications.)

Click on this link for some pointers in snagging that E2 Visa. http://www.korea4expats.com/article-E2-English-teaching-visa-Korea.html

I’m still working really hard to get some teaching certifications and diplomas so I’d be ready for some job hunting. What I’m aiming for now is to be able to come up with enough money so I could stay in Korea for 4 months without a job as I study with a D4 visa. If the odds are in my favor I could get a proper job in 6 months.

If you’ve gone through all that trouble, please, I’m begging you, let me know your insights on this so maybe you can help me and many others who dream the same.

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Do You Need to Justify Your Dreams?

I have this long term plan of going to Korea to pursue the career I’ve been dreaming of. My goals are not that big. I would just like to own a small Nursery and become a Professor in a nice University. But what could spice up that simple dream is to bring it and do it in South Korea.

Many people would wonder why; of all places, why Korea? Well, basically it’s because I’ve been seeing these wonderful films and dramas for so many years now and my curiosity hasn’t died out since then. The culture, traditions, language, places, and food entices me and I kept wondering how living alone in this country would be like.

I’ve read some articles and rants about how living and working there is totally different from the things I’ve seen on my laptop screens but I don’t know why it doesn’t affect me at all. I guess I’d have to see for myself to actually know. What I know is that I’d have to try or live in regret for not trying at all. I see life as a huge experiment; an absolute trial and error and I believe there’s always a point where you can return.

My reasons might be really shallow for some but dreams are dreams. I don’t think you can reason out as to why you want a certain thing. Sometimes you just do.

With these, researching about things related to pursuing my career there has become a natural hobby of mine now and I’d like to share what I found and maybe we can all go together.


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Supernatural Season 9

Whew, I don’t know! I’m still lost for words and I don’t think I can organize my thoughts on this ever. Each episode is like an oxygen to me, knowing that these could be the last scenes where I could savor all that Winchester-goodness!

I salute the writers for their never-ending ideas (it just keeps on flowing, doesn’t it?). Just thinking that they are going to end this show makes me miss Dean’s antics and obsession for pies. I’ll definitely miss the Impala (that nobody can disrespect!). And Charlie!!! I love all Charlie eppies! And that time when Castiel became human and had a relationship or somewhat a fling with this girl. Haha! OMFG! No words can describe that!

Gadreel, Gadreel…why did they make you wear that hotness of a vessel of yours again? Haha! He’s perfect and I’d actually believe him if he tells me that the world is square.

I don’t know how I feel about this ending thing. I’m sorry that my thoughts are all over the place. As I write this entry, I still have 55 days till the season premiere of season 10 (I do, don’t I?). I’m going crazy, I think! Hmmm…but what can we do, all good things comes to an end and we all know that Supernatural is way beyond good!