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[KMovie] Tone Deaf Clinic

This movie must have gotten to most women who are trying everything to change something just to be qualified and accepted by their loved ones. Well it surely got into to me, right to the very core!

Many people keep on saying that you should just be who you really are and if that person doesn’t accept you then just move on because he’s not the one for you. This could be the mentality of a lazy person, that’s why I think otherwise. Sometimes love doesn’t come to you like a fruit that would just drop from a tree, there are times you’d have to go up and pick it yourself. for me love is something you can achieve after working hard for it, that way it’s more precious and meaningful to me.

This is where changing one’s self comes in. You change something in you in a hope that your love can be one-sided no more. This way, you can proudly say that you did something and you won’t regret anything later. I hate regrets the most. I just think it’s the most useless feeling in the world.

I don’t see anything wrong with trying to improve yourself for someone else because at the end of the day, it is you who improved, isn’t?

Yoon Sang Hyun was so awesome in this (though he looked really smelly in here), there’s no doubt about that! I just wish I could have seen this movie with better subtitles. I’m giving it a 9 out of 10!


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[Kdrama] Sly and Single Again

I have those usual days where I’ve got some time on my hands but I don’t actually know what to do and apparently, too lazy to do my blogging. This drama got me through those days.

I wasn’t so sure but I tried watching anyway. And I wasn’t disappointed. It was my first time watching a series with Sang Wook as a lead and I totally loved it! Lee Min Jung was okay and she’s really really pretty! I liked how they presented the story and the phasing wasn’t so bad. I was surprised with Seo Kang Joon,  the second male lead as he was really refreshing to see and it so happens that he also is appearing in the reality show Roommates which I’m currently rooting for (well, Dong Wook is there!).

This drama went along with the trend of having divorced couples get back together and give second chances a shot. I don’t disagree with the concept at all. Everyone deserves a second chance at everything because no one’s perfect; there should always be a room for mistakes that even scientists give errors a spot in their research outcomes. On that note, I’m giving this 8 out of 10 because there’s this something that makes me like Emergency Couple more.


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8 Guys You Must Never, Under Any Circumstances, Fall In Love With

I’ve met most of these guys already and I guess this is 100% accurate!

Thought Catalog

1. The one who messages you once a year to say something incredible.

Every so often, you’ll wake up to a text or a Facebook message from him, something about how he thought of you last night, or how he wants to see you, or when are you going to be in his city? It will fill you with a sudden whoosh of excitement and hope. But no matter how carefully you’ll try to reply to his messages — to seem casually interested, but not like you’re invested in his sudden attention — he’ll always fade away again, and you’ll somehow be left feeling desperate, even if he’s the one who reached out to you. You’ll delete his number from your phone to prevent yourself from drunk texting him, but you’ll still look at his profile every now and again.

2. The one who doesn’t like your friends.

He’ll hang…

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15 Things Younger Siblings Don’t Know Their Older Siblings Did For Them

Thought Catalog


1. Bearing the role of being the guinea pig, and having all the strict rules enforced on them instead.

As the firstborn, you will paradoxically always be your parents’ baby. Everything they do with you, they will do with kid gloves. (Chances are good you also find the Luvs commercials as funny – in that bleak, depressing, bitterly ‘why me?!’ kind of way — as your parents.) No dating, no cell phone, no alcohol, God forbid no weed, and did I mention no dating? At least until you’re 18, if not married.

2. And having to watch every single rule that kept an older sibling under lock and key be unceremoniously abandoned with any subsequent offspring.

By the time your younger sibling rolls around, your parents will have learned one crucial thing: kids are going to just be kids, and it’s honestly usually not worth the headache to try to…

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[KDrama] Emergency Couple

Initially, I tried watching this drama because of Song Ji Hyo and I got a bonus for it being situated in a hospital setting.

The maturity of the drama and the issues presented are very refreshing to me. This is a roller-coaster ride; you cry, you laugh and you analyze.

Most healthcare professionals could relate to this. The trials and struggles they encountered to become doctors and nurses are no joke. I can totally empathize to that. The love story part is realistic and it has the perfect amount of cheesiness and sexy touch into it. The other guy is very lovable too but I don’t think it was enough for me to choose him over Jin Hyuk.

I’ll say kudos to all actors, staff and the production team for making this one worth watching and waiting (I was just planning to watch just the first episode but then I found myself waiting each week for new eps. It was crazy!) Loved each episode! It’s a 10 for me!!!

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[KMovie] Old Boy

It was really my brother who recommended this film to me and he uploaded a copy into my hard drive. I saw the movie like 6 months later.

On the first minutes of it, I was like “Oh well, it’s another crazy, unexplainable movie..”. I thought it was something like Lady Vengeance or The Housemaid but suspense and curiosity slowly creeped in when more unexplainable things started to happen. I wanted it to be over and solved soon and then BANG! That twist in the end just slapped me like no other! It’s insane and so twisted that I never expected it! Geez! It’s absolutely crazy! Like dark, terribly crazy! I know it’s possible to happen in real life but c’mon now! That’s revenge in it’s highest form.

I can’t give any ratings as I’m still pondering whether it’s crazy good or it’s just plainly insane.

If you like dark and deep movies, this is highly recommended. Go see for yourself and give me any feedback as to decide whether it was good or no. My brother says it was good (being a filmmaker that he is, he loves this kind of unusually plotted movies..).