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[KMovie] A Company Man

DISCLAIMER: This article CONTAINS SPOILERS, so if you’ve haven’t seen the movie, you might wanna skip this review for now!

I always believed that Ji Sub is fit for bad-ass-in-a-suit roles and this movie showcases that a lot. It’s not the first time but being the hitman he is in this movie just made him look more glorious and irresistible. And not to mention Dong Joon! Oh my Dong Joon!

But dilemmas are always brought in by women. Falling in love can turn any sane man into someone who you wouldn’t imagine him to be or maybe vice versa. The fight scenes showed Ji Sub’s strengths and expertise. I can’t say anything about his looks because it’s already given that his look can kill!

The film is absolutely amazing, the writer did an awesome job here for that fantastic ending! Totally amazing! I recommend that you see it for yourself and be the judge!

I’ll give it 9.5/10 plainly because they killed my beloved Dong Joon and Ji Sub! How can they think of doing that??? OMG!


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[Movie] 3 Days to Kill

One day, I decided to join my mother with her addiction to action, thriller and horror movies and I happen to see this movie that day!

Kevin Costner…hmmm..of course I was expecting it to be amazing and I wasn’t disappointed. With all that problems he’s facing; that one man can survive is truly motivating. Illegal arms trafficker, a brain cancer, estranged teenage daughter, a doubtful ex-wife and CIA’s elite assassin on his tail are the things he managed to deal with. I don’t think I can handle that much.

I’ll give it a 9 out of 10 for the action-packed scenarios but I believe that there’s always room for improvement.


[KMovie] The Flu


I’ve been eyeing this movie and I’m glad I finally watched it! My dear Jang Hyuk is an exceptional actor and its amazing because he knows which piece he should do! This movie kept me away from my chores as I anticipate what will happen next.

This movie just proves us that we can’t be perfectly ready for everything. The government officials will fight for power and control thinking it’s for the welfare of everybody, the society will be divided into just 2; the infected and the not infected. In the end, the people who has better guns get to survive.

It is very disturbing to think this is the world we live in. I just hope that when something similar happens , country leaders can stand up like what the President here did. God! I love how he said “Mr. Snyder, I officially warn you, I will shoot them down!”

It’s a 9 out of 10 for me because at one point even if that filipino actor did really a great job with his acting, I still can’t stop thinking that the flu originated somewhere from the Philippines and it’s kinda freaking me out.


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[KMovie] Cold Eyes


This movie caught my attention because of the lead casts. Han Hyo Joo and Jung Woo Sung are more than enough for me to give this movie an amazing bouncy perfect 10! they are just the best combo for a cool movie like this! Plus, plus, plus, this movie is Jun Ho’s first movie ever and he did a great job!

Well, aside from the amazing leads, I was not surprised that the story plot is equally amazing. It was a typical police story but the way they presented the scenes was incredible. That scene, when Hyo Joo was undercover for some mission but actually it was a test to secure a position for a job, was just unbelievable! How can one remember so much that sharply? Is that even possible? If our investigators and policemen were even half as good as this, there could be world peace.

This is not the first time, I guess, that I’ve seen a movie that haven’t got any touch of romance in it; none at all. But I wasn’t put off, it was like a breath of fresh air; something far away from what I always look for. As you may have noticed, I’m a die hard fan of romance and I always try to stay away from dark and heavily melodramas.

Just as how I am a huge fan of romcoms, my mom is the complete opposite! She’s into horror, thrillers and suspense flicks. I would definitely recommend this to her; considering that this movie is action packed and it will make you sit at the edge of your seat.

 For those who haven’t seen it, here’s a sneak peak!