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True Blood Season Finale

Disclaimer: This article HAS SPOILERS. If you’ve haven’t seen the season yet, I suggest you skip this one! 😀


I’ve haven’t seen the last of Season 6 when I heard that Season7 will be the Finale and I didn’t know how to react. I’ve got so much expectations from True Blood’s future episodes because I was reading the novel series like a bible.

I was actually saddened as the cast interviews started to get release one by one. (I didn’t dare watch even a single one!) I didn’t see the first episode right away and I wanted to wait till all of the precious episodes becomes available for viewing. Fortunately, due to my mom’s insistence, we saw the last of True Blood together leaving the very last one episode. We waited for a week and was a little depressed when Bill actually dies by Sookie’s hands.

It was so romantic in a very dark kind of way. He and his reasons were right. Ever since he entered that bar and met Sookie, conflicts and chaos never left Bon Temps. He love Sookie so much that he wanted her to live a normal life and he knew that it was impossible with him around. He wanted to feel human again and only death can make him feel that way. I cried a lot at the scene where Sookie finally did Bill’s favor. It was so heartbreaking! In the end, Bill truly loved Sookie.

Well, I can say, they wrapped it up so nicely and reasonably! I loved True Blood until the very end. Jason finally settled, Hoyt and Jessica got back together, Sookie marries an unknown person and all of Bon Temps was most likely at peace. Eric and Pam on the other hand, took the noisier path of Business. I’m not surprised though. Eric Northman always equates to wealth and power. Ever since we all saw him sat on that throne looking so dangerously hot and inviting, we all knew he was something of big scale! I’ll miss him. I’ll miss all of them!

True Blood is a 100/100 kind of drama series to me. I’d love to watch marathons with my mom and relive all the wonderful moments of True Blood! So long Trubies! 😀