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[KDrama]Cyrano Dating Agency


I’ve seen the movie and I was intrigued what the series would be like. II wanted to see more of Jong Hyuk; I actively watch him and his son in their weekly show, “Dad, Where Are You Going?”


The series showed various stories of different people suffering from one-sided love and it made me wonder how one can be so clever to turn things around for such people. THis reminds me of one tagalog book by Ramon Bautista, “Bakit di ka crush ng crush mo?” (Why won’t your crush like you back?) where he says that if you’ve been a friendzoned, get the hint and move on! But it’s totally different in the drama; it encourages you to pursue your love and go for what you want! Absolutely confusing, isnt?


I liked how how Jong Hyuk’s character is mildly odd and how bright and cute Soo Young was; it’s the perfect combo! We sometimes want to get away from the typical stone cold guy lead and the highly energetic and noisy damsel in distress from the typical dramas. It’s very refreshing that the romance wasn’t only focused on the leads. All in all, I’m rating it 8 out of 10. The cast were fantastic, the story line is uniquely plotted and most importantly, the OST has the most fab song ever!

 If you’ve haven’t heard it, listen! You’ll never regret!


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[KMovie] Cyrano Dating Agency


It was educational too, I’ve haven’t heard about Cyrano de Bergerac’s love story. Love can really make all things possible even if it means wooing someone you like on behalf of someone more conventionally handsome friend. It was bittersweet yet beautiful.

The movie made me wonder if there are really agencies like this in real life; I bet it’ll sell like pancakes. But what would your relationship with someone be like after succeeding? As I have seen, they tried ‘correcting’ the behaviors and attitudes of their clients to fit their prospects.Does that mean that the clients should become someone else to be liked by the person they like? That kinda unlikely.

I still believe that if someone would really love you, they should love you for who you are; no more, no less. That’s the entire point of falling in love. I always go for loving so unconditionally; supporting on what they are good at and accepting one’s imperfections because that’s what make us humans. Don’t you think?

Well, I would rate the movie 8 out of 10! I really loved the casting and the setting. The script is funny and witty and it suited the characters well. And this movie made me want to watch the series!

Here’s the trailer for the drama series