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[Book] Mobster for Rent

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I joined AFF in 2010 and this fic was my very first Daragon story. From then on, I was proved, first love never dies!!! This is the most hilarious of them all! Nothing comes close!

The author is absolutely witty and her writing style is just so unique. Wide readers would find it awkward to read something from AFF due to some POV shiftings, (well, except the veteran readers of AFF) but this story was written in a different way. Yeah, it has POV shifts but no awkward feelings at all. I don’t know how Huntress made it that way but it was really smooth.

The story is well plotted and there were no dragging moment where you would just want to flip the next pages right away. No annoying occurrences, or tragedies or no stupid characters. Oh! Slash that! Dara is certainly a nuthead head but I think it’s the best asset of this fic. The heroine portrays a role that most fangirls can relate into and empathize. Every die hard romantic would love this because this book just overflows with cheeseballs, sugary pick up lines, the badassery and everything crazy!

The meeting of Destruction and Hymen was worth the wait! That is like the funniest, sexiest and hottest smut I’ve ever read! (Of course except fro SecretSeven’s smut writings, they’re on a different category) I never knew smut and comedy can be fused amazingly like this!

Huntress will forever be one of my favorite reads and I will keep on reading this author’s stories. So should you!