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[Book] Bared to You


Sexy!!! It’s the best word to describe the whole thing! It oozed with so much hotness and extreme scenes. The writer has a very different style; one moment the couple engages into some some steamy sex scene and then fight immensely like psychotic jerks the next. The novel takes you to a very thrilling hype only to be pulled back down by where the situation ends; sex. Whatever they do, in good terms or not, they always end up having sex somewhere and it’s kinda turning me off a bit; making the deed not worthwhile anymore. It would have been really awesome if there could be a perfect blend of some sweet romance and some of the scorching hot sexy time. I can only feel lustful here not falling in love. I’m not saying that this is a bad read actually it is good (if you’re after the smut only).

I still can say that Fifty Shades is a whole lot better. There’s order in the way the story was presented, an interesting beginning, mysterious middles and amazing climaxes at the end of each volume. Still giving it a 7 out of 10 for the fantastic sexy encounters. I would need to read the next installment “Reflected in You” to know better (that’s if I could gather some energy to pick up my phone and read).