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Coffee Town

I wouldn’t have seen this movie if not for someone I call “Mr.” suggested that I see it. And now I’m thanking him for doing so. Thanks to him I had a good weekend night!

Talking about the movie, it’s pretty simple and plain but the script was beautifully made. The writer must be a genius or something! I liked how it was situated in a more relatable environment. Since I’m a big fan of coffee, I typically spend a lot of time in coffee shops. Whether I’m alone or not, rainy or sunny, sleepless or well rested, it’s always good to have  a cup of that addicting beverage in a nicely decorated area.

So losing that special place could be really upsetting. I know I won’t do something like what those 3 crazy idiots did but I will surely be sad over it.

Not to mention Groban’s appearance here; I never knew he’d consider being on the big screens! If I would pick my favorite scenes, it’d be the ones with him on it. Now I don’t know if I could take him seriously when he sings now.

This movie deserves a mighty 10. It is original, hilarious and not so mainstream. I love it! In addition to that Glenn Howerton’s eyes are oh-so pretty that I can’t leave it unsaid! So yeah! Now get out of here and watch it!