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[KMovie] Killer Toon


I kind of expected the ending by just looking at the promo poster. The movie just shows how greed strongly affects one’s thinking. It has a perfect amount of horror and suspense. Lee Si young always oh-so awesome as I predicted and Uhm Ki Joon is equally fantastic.

It’s very creative of the author to put the scenes into the comic first, hinting the audience on what will happen next and making it all the more tensed and thrilling.

I’ll give it 8 out of 10 because the lead got a very unfair ending; no change of heart at all. She was a villain until the very end.



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[KDrama] Master’s Sun’s Finale


It’s now the time to switch off my radar on this super amazing series.

I can only expect the best from Ji Sub and he didn’t disappoint me on this one. He really does choose the best scripts and story lines. The drama is unique and really fresh to watch, it didn’t follow the usual order of most Romcom drama. There’s this fabulous fusion of horror, drama, romance and comedy in it which is very rare.

The characters were really portrayed well; the casting was as amazing as the story line, never a dull moment! I was anticipating what will happen to each character in the story and I wasn’t disappointed on how each of their stories turned out!

Yeah, happy endings might not exist in real deal but I still do like to see them in the dramas I watch. That’s the entire point of me, watching these series; getting the entertainment and fun as it moves along.  I wish to see the happy endings happen as it doesn’t in the real life.

Now that another So Ji Sub Drama has come to halt, the almost-never-ending wait will start again as I await again for his next project. I hope it’ll be another RomCom! As you can see, he suited it very well!

I would want to thank the staff of the drama for producing it and making oh-so wonderful! You guys are Daebak! 😀