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[Movie] This is the End!


Remember how I mentioned earlier that I will do some James Franco Movie Marathon? Now I happen to land on this site that features this movie and I’m sure glad I did!

It was totally hilarious! They got the perfect blend of casts! If I could spend my last days on earth with James ‘freaking’ Franco that would be the awesomest last day of my life!

Despite the comedy, the movie left some lessons to live by. Selflessness can get you to heaven! It doesn’t matter how big or how small you helped others sincerely but what’s important is that you actually did it and you never asked for anything in return!

I’ll give this movie an 8 out of 10! they did kill James again but it was called for plus, Channing Tatum’s cameo appearance was very unexpected and extremely mind-boggling! Sheesh!



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[Movie] Spring Breakers

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While Magic Mike left me drooling over hunkies that looks like they are fresh from a magazine cover shoot, Spring Breakers left me absolutely dumbfounded.

The premise was clear and predictable but the screenplay was so deep and it gives off a lot of meaning to it. I suddenly got reminded of my earlier years as I also had my fair share of crazy night and days, but not too insane like these youngsters in the movie. It’s in a different level of crazy! I’ve done grave and totally regrettable deeds back then but I somehow knew where and what my limits are.

James Franco! My God, I thank you for him! I’ve haven’t really noticed him much until this movie. I guess he’s next to Elen Degeneres and Brendan Fraiser in my Top 10 list of the coolest Hollywood personalities! I super love him and I think I’ll have some marathoning to do. I’ll give this movie a 6 out of 10 plainly because they fuckin killed James at the end of the movie! Like what is that? Seriously! Geez!