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[KDrama] Emergency Couple

Initially, I tried watching this drama because of Song Ji Hyo and I got a bonus for it being situated in a hospital setting.

The maturity of the drama and the issues presented are very refreshing to me. This is a roller-coaster ride; you cry, you laugh and you analyze.

Most healthcare professionals could relate to this. The trials and struggles they encountered to become doctors and nurses are no joke. I can totally empathize to that. The love story part is realistic and it has the perfect amount of cheesiness and sexy touch into it. The other guy is very lovable too but I don’t think it was enough for me to choose him over Jin Hyuk.

I’ll say kudos to all actors, staff and the production team for making this one worth watching and waiting (I was just planning to watch just the first episode but then I found myself waiting each week for new eps. It was crazy!) Loved each episode! It’s a 10 for me!!!


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[KDrama] If In Love Like them


I’ve been really interested into watching this ever since I saw the wonderful promo poster of this short drama. Unfortunately, I never really had to do so, so it took me this long to actually watch it.

Lee Dong Gun! I think it’s quite enough to say that this drama rocks! Haha! In addition to that, Lee Hyori stars in this movie too. As far as I know this is the only drama she’s been in; how unique it can get?

Getting to the story, it tells how fate can really bring 2 people together. Inconvenient circumstances brought them together and their relationship just happen to turn out really well. They both fell in love and it was tested in a really awful way; by death! i did cry when that person died in the drama. They were in love in their own special way (well, everyone loves in their own unique ways!) and there were so many things that they could still do for each other in the future but there are just things that are beyond our control. Surely, there are so many could-have-beens but maybe we just have to look at how they spent their days. Quality VS Quantity as they say!

The drama was shot gloomily; foreshadowing a tragic ending. The casts were obviously incredible but I can’t remember anything from the soundtrack; nothing really appealed to me. If there was just one song that got into me it would be amazing. I’m giving it a 6 out of 10. Well, if I’m in love like them, I would probably rate it higher!



[KDrama]Cyrano Dating Agency


I’ve seen the movie and I was intrigued what the series would be like. II wanted to see more of Jong Hyuk; I actively watch him and his son in their weekly show, “Dad, Where Are You Going?”


The series showed various stories of different people suffering from one-sided love and it made me wonder how one can be so clever to turn things around for such people. THis reminds me of one tagalog book by Ramon Bautista, “Bakit di ka crush ng crush mo?” (Why won’t your crush like you back?) where he says that if you’ve been a friendzoned, get the hint and move on! But it’s totally different in the drama; it encourages you to pursue your love and go for what you want! Absolutely confusing, isnt?


I liked how how Jong Hyuk’s character is mildly odd and how bright and cute Soo Young was; it’s the perfect combo! We sometimes want to get away from the typical stone cold guy lead and the highly energetic and noisy damsel in distress from the typical dramas. It’s very refreshing that the romance wasn’t only focused on the leads. All in all, I’m rating it 8 out of 10. The cast were fantastic, the story line is uniquely plotted and most importantly, the OST has the most fab song ever!

 If you’ve haven’t heard it, listen! You’ll never regret!

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“The Inheritors”, I’m ready for you!


After my beloved Ji Sub amused me with his cold but appealing role in Master’s Sun, I’m finally ready for some Lee Min Ho lovin’. And to add to that, Park Shin Hye is joining in too! What more can you ask? Well, actually, there’s more because Kim Woo Bin and Kang Min Hyuk will be at the party also! Whew!

I’m so excited on how Min Ho and Shin Hye will take us on a roller coaster ride in this 20-episoder drama SBS is presenting us. It is being described as Gossip Girl-esque as the story would revolve around the privileged and uber-rich elitists. What other role could fit our beloved Minho best but a rich son of a business tycoon and Shin Hye, the ever gorgeous damsel in distress. I’m clenching my fists in thrill!

Am I the only one excited here?

Be at home on October 9 everyone.

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[KDrama] Master’s Sun’s Finale


It’s now the time to switch off my radar on this super amazing series.

I can only expect the best from Ji Sub and he didn’t disappoint me on this one. He really does choose the best scripts and story lines. The drama is unique and really fresh to watch, it didn’t follow the usual order of most Romcom drama. There’s this fabulous fusion of horror, drama, romance and comedy in it which is very rare.

The characters were really portrayed well; the casting was as amazing as the story line, never a dull moment! I was anticipating what will happen to each character in the story and I wasn’t disappointed on how each of their stories turned out!

Yeah, happy endings might not exist in real deal but I still do like to see them in the dramas I watch. That’s the entire point of me, watching these series; getting the entertainment and fun as it moves along.  I wish to see the happy endings happen as it doesn’t in the real life.

Now that another So Ji Sub Drama has come to halt, the almost-never-ending wait will start again as I await again for his next project. I hope it’ll be another RomCom! As you can see, he suited it very well!

I would want to thank the staff of the drama for producing it and making oh-so wonderful! You guys are Daebak! 😀