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[KMovie] Psychometry


Excellent and almost perfect! 9 out of 10, all because Kim Bum is here! (I think I should be spanked for rating movies because of the main leads. Haha! Can you blame me?) This completed my police/detective stories week! Totally action packed and some slices of comedy is just perfect.

It’s a little bit creepy because when Kim Bum does his Psychometry mojo he just gets into this seizure-like episodes of jerking and bleeding out everywhere. It makes me wonder if such abilities exist somewhere around the world. The movie would have been more awesome if they explained why and how Kim Bum acquired such powers. They just left audience hanging. On that note, they should produce a sequel maintaining the original cast or better yet, a drama series! That would be much more Daebak!

I hope KimBum gets to shoot and show more movies! Being the lead or not, he’s such a wonderful actor, totally beautiful!