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[KMovie] Love 911


This movie that is also entitled ‘Band-aid’ was released last year making our dear Han Hyo Joo a nominee for the 2013 Baeksang Awards Best Actress.

After reading the synopsis posted in Good Drama’s site, I decided to set aside watching this for later. I thought it would be just another melodrama that could make me cry a thousand tears in the end.

Then I finally got the interest to actually see the movie after reading plenty of comments. And it does have good movie reviews.

Well, Goo Soo and Hyo Joo didn’t fail me. The movie was very far away from what I imagined it to be. It was realistic, romantic and to my surprise it was also very much tinted with comic reliefs.

The movie got so much into me. I could relate to Mi Soo’s (Hyo Joo) conflict in regards to her profession. I’m a medical professional just like her and it would be so painful to let go of something you worked hard for so many years. It is not just a profession for us; it’s a vocation, a vow. Painful it may be but ethically, Mi Soo really did deserve her license to be revoked, there’s no proper excuse on what she did, it was negligence.

Jobs that involve saving people’s lives are the most far fetched and complex jobs of all. There are no boundaries, no limits on just how far will you go in saving everyone’s lives. Only you can judge that, your principles and what you believe in. What I learned about saving people’s lives despite the danger it brings me is that it’s better for me to safeguard my life first (depending on the situation of course). I could only imagine how many more lives I can save in the future and how will I be able to rescue people if I’ll become the one who needs rescuing.

Oh well, enough about me, this is a movie review, for Pete’s sake! I would like to compliment the movie’s OST. I loved how classic and simple the tracks were; most especially when Gilbert Sullivan’s ‘Alone Again’ played!

I’ll rate the movie 9.5/10! It made me think it would be nice to fall in love like that; to a very handsome and manly firefighter. Lols!

For those who haven’t seen the movie yet and are curious, here’s the trailer with the soundtrack I loved! (I do know you know where to find the full movie!)