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[KMovie] Old Boy

It was really my brother who recommended this film to me and he uploaded a copy into my hard drive. I saw the movie like 6 months later.

On the first minutes of it, I was like “Oh well, it’s another crazy, unexplainable movie..”. I thought it was something like Lady Vengeance or The Housemaid but suspense and curiosity slowly creeped in when more unexplainable things started to happen. I wanted it to be over and solved soon and then BANG! That twist in the end just slapped me like no other! It’s insane and so twisted that I never expected it! Geez! It’s absolutely crazy! Like dark, terribly crazy! I know it’s possible to happen in real life but c’mon now! That’s revenge in it’s highest form.

I can’t give any ratings as I’m still pondering whether it’s crazy good or it’s just plainly insane.

If you like dark and deep movies, this is highly recommended. Go see for yourself and give me any feedback as to decide whether it was good or no. My brother says it was good (being a filmmaker that he is, he loves this kind of unusually plotted movies..).


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[KMovie] Killer Toon


I kind of expected the ending by just looking at the promo poster. The movie just shows how greed strongly affects one’s thinking. It has a perfect amount of horror and suspense. Lee Si young always oh-so awesome as I predicted and Uhm Ki Joon is equally fantastic.

It’s very creative of the author to put the scenes into the comic first, hinting the audience on what will happen next and making it all the more tensed and thrilling.

I’ll give it 8 out of 10 because the lead got a very unfair ending; no change of heart at all. She was a villain until the very end.



[KMovie] The Flu


I’ve been eyeing this movie and I’m glad I finally watched it! My dear Jang Hyuk is an exceptional actor and its amazing because he knows which piece he should do! This movie kept me away from my chores as I anticipate what will happen next.

This movie just proves us that we can’t be perfectly ready for everything. The government officials will fight for power and control thinking it’s for the welfare of everybody, the society will be divided into just 2; the infected and the not infected. In the end, the people who has better guns get to survive.

It is very disturbing to think this is the world we live in. I just hope that when something similar happens , country leaders can stand up like what the President here did. God! I love how he said “Mr. Snyder, I officially warn you, I will shoot them down!”

It’s a 9 out of 10 for me because at one point even if that filipino actor did really a great job with his acting, I still can’t stop thinking that the flu originated somewhere from the Philippines and it’s kinda freaking me out.