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[KMovie] No Breathing

As what I’ve posted before, I’ve never noticed Jong Suk even if I saw this earlier because I saw this movie all because of my beloved Seo In Guk! ( I didn’t just type ‘beloved’, didn’t I?)

My interest was piqued because it was all about swimming; my most favorite sport in the world! Another plus is that they shot some part of the movie in Davao, Philippines! Oh Yeah!

Seo In Guk didn’t fail in making me laugh in this movie! He’s always funny everywhere and at anything! (Now I can’t take his music videos seriously!)

I loved how the movie focused on friendship and sportsmanship. So inspiring and it made me more motivated to keep pushing forward.

I’ll give this a 10 if that ‘No Breathing’ technique is actually extant.



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[KMovie] Hot Young Bloods

Every Park Bo Young movie I’ve seen has touched me like no other! First, the Werwolf Boy, and now this! I can very much relate to her personality here! (We’re pretty much the same!) She’s tough, feared and has got a bunch of pride up her sleeves. When love enters and it’s being threatened, I would probably feel the same; jealousy that can result to childish fights and acts.

But there’s a depth in every character here and I can’t say that this is not anywhere near innocent. It’s actually mature and a little bit dark.

This is the first time I took my time noticing Lee Jong Suk and his acting. I’ve seen him in a couple of movies but so far, this is his best.

I’ve always loved the high school life stories situated in old times and this one goes up on my favorite list!

10 out of 10 is what this one should have!

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[KMovie] Haunters

What can I say? I can actually watch Kang Dong Won doing nothing all day. Why the heck can’t he make more of these movies when his absolutely good with it. Adding to that, Go Soo in this film is adorkably irresistible.

The storyline is utterly unique! Loved it to the core! I especially liked the scene where Dong Won first entered the pawnshop where everything just stopped as he looked freakishly awesome. (What?! I mostly like good-looking weirdos Haha!) it made me want to know more and I was thrilled to see how he became such creature. (Which by the way didn’t got cleared at the end.)

I’ll give it a 9 out of 10 for the awesome and hilarious fight scenes and most importantly, the gorgeous men who starred in this movie.

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[KMovie] Cold Eyes


This movie caught my attention because of the lead casts. Han Hyo Joo and Jung Woo Sung are more than enough for me to give this movie an amazing bouncy perfect 10! they are just the best combo for a cool movie like this! Plus, plus, plus, this movie is Jun Ho’s first movie ever and he did a great job!

Well, aside from the amazing leads, I was not surprised that the story plot is equally amazing. It was a typical police story but the way they presented the scenes was incredible. That scene, when Hyo Joo was undercover for some mission but actually it was a test to secure a position for a job, was just unbelievable! How can one remember so much that sharply? Is that even possible? If our investigators and policemen were even half as good as this, there could be world peace.

This is not the first time, I guess, that I’ve seen a movie that haven’t got any touch of romance in it; none at all. But I wasn’t put off, it was like a breath of fresh air; something far away from what I always look for. As you may have noticed, I’m a die hard fan of romance and I always try to stay away from dark and heavily melodramas.

Just as how I am a huge fan of romcoms, my mom is the complete opposite! She’s into horror, thrillers and suspense flicks. I would definitely recommend this to her; considering that this movie is action packed and it will make you sit at the edge of your seat.

 For those who haven’t seen it, here’s a sneak peak!


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[KMovie] Cyrano Dating Agency


It was educational too, I’ve haven’t heard about Cyrano de Bergerac’s love story. Love can really make all things possible even if it means wooing someone you like on behalf of someone more conventionally handsome friend. It was bittersweet yet beautiful.

The movie made me wonder if there are really agencies like this in real life; I bet it’ll sell like pancakes. But what would your relationship with someone be like after succeeding? As I have seen, they tried ‘correcting’ the behaviors and attitudes of their clients to fit their prospects.Does that mean that the clients should become someone else to be liked by the person they like? That kinda unlikely.

I still believe that if someone would really love you, they should love you for who you are; no more, no less. That’s the entire point of falling in love. I always go for loving so unconditionally; supporting on what they are good at and accepting one’s imperfections because that’s what make us humans. Don’t you think?

Well, I would rate the movie 8 out of 10! I really loved the casting and the setting. The script is funny and witty and it suited the characters well. And this movie made me want to watch the series!

Here’s the trailer for the drama series

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[KMovie] Love 911


This movie that is also entitled ‘Band-aid’ was released last year making our dear Han Hyo Joo a nominee for the 2013 Baeksang Awards Best Actress.

After reading the synopsis posted in Good Drama’s site, I decided to set aside watching this for later. I thought it would be just another melodrama that could make me cry a thousand tears in the end.

Then I finally got the interest to actually see the movie after reading plenty of comments. And it does have good movie reviews.

Well, Goo Soo and Hyo Joo didn’t fail me. The movie was very far away from what I imagined it to be. It was realistic, romantic and to my surprise it was also very much tinted with comic reliefs.

The movie got so much into me. I could relate to Mi Soo’s (Hyo Joo) conflict in regards to her profession. I’m a medical professional just like her and it would be so painful to let go of something you worked hard for so many years. It is not just a profession for us; it’s a vocation, a vow. Painful it may be but ethically, Mi Soo really did deserve her license to be revoked, there’s no proper excuse on what she did, it was negligence.

Jobs that involve saving people’s lives are the most far fetched and complex jobs of all. There are no boundaries, no limits on just how far will you go in saving everyone’s lives. Only you can judge that, your principles and what you believe in. What I learned about saving people’s lives despite the danger it brings me is that it’s better for me to safeguard my life first (depending on the situation of course). I could only imagine how many more lives I can save in the future and how will I be able to rescue people if I’ll become the one who needs rescuing.

Oh well, enough about me, this is a movie review, for Pete’s sake! I would like to compliment the movie’s OST. I loved how classic and simple the tracks were; most especially when Gilbert Sullivan’s ‘Alone Again’ played!

I’ll rate the movie 9.5/10! It made me think it would be nice to fall in love like that; to a very handsome and manly firefighter. Lols!

For those who haven’t seen the movie yet and are curious, here’s the trailer with the soundtrack I loved! (I do know you know where to find the full movie!)

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[KMovie] Secretly Greatly


Hmmm.. what can I say? It’s another great great job from my dear “Sam Dong”.

I was lurking around GoodDrama, looking for a good watch and then my eyes landed on this title! It shocked me because I wasn’t anticipating it at all. I thought the movie would be shown not this soon but incredibly lucky for me to be able to avoid the wait and watch it leisurely with subtitles. (That’s totally the opposite of what I experienced with “Werewolf Boy”)

The movies is an all star cast! Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Hyun Woo and Park Ki Woong is the perfect combo! Soo Hyun played his role really well, it’s like the upgraded version of Song Sam Song from Dream High! I came to love him from acting adorably stupid! Our Hyun Woo on the other hand, has grown up so much and I can see he’s challenging himself to take on more mature and serious roles and I want to see him more on many other roles! As for Ki Woong, I can always expect the best from him.

What amazed me the most about the movie is Kim Soo Hyun flashed a six-pack abs! OMG! I can’t believe it! He has improved so much. Comedy and Drama has been his forte throughout his career but now Action? I’m so excited on what he’ll take on next! He just keeps getting better and better at everything!


Disclaimer: The next paragraphs contain spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you might wanna skip this.

All in all I’m rating the movie 9 out of 10! (All because of the six-pack abs!!! *kidding!) It’s given that Korean Movies are always in high quality, the casting was really really amazing, and most of all the story line is interesting that it made me sit at the edge of my seat.

The only thing that turned me off is the ending! Yeah, for most movies, ending always does it! I didn’t liked how all the main characters died. The whole point of the movie seemed lost because of it. I don’t see any reason why it was better that they all died. It would have been more meaningful if they all lived and stayed at the village together with everybody else! It’ll teach us that life is all about choices. You can always choose how you live your life.

Here’s the Trailer!