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[KMovie] Tough as Iron


Aside from SungKyungKwan, this is one of Yoo Ah In’s best screen apprearances! (Well, for me..) The role suited him so well. That young man, who’s good at fighting and in desperate need for money for some heartbreaking family-related matters fitted him really well. Mother and child stories never get old for me, I loved how they showcased that unconditional love mothers can always give and the same for the children to their parents. Now I can’t wait to be one too!

I must commend his acting skills, seems like a making of another So Ji Sub! I totally look forward to more movies and drama series from him. I just wish he’d be good with picking out his future projects.

I’d be giving it another 9 here because I’m feeling so generous today! Haha! Just kidding! This movie deserves a good review because it is a good movie and I highly recommend it!



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[KMovie] A Company Man

DISCLAIMER: This article CONTAINS SPOILERS, so if you’ve haven’t seen the movie, you might wanna skip this review for now!

I always believed that Ji Sub is fit for bad-ass-in-a-suit roles and this movie showcases that a lot. It’s not the first time but being the hitman he is in this movie just made him look more glorious and irresistible. And not to mention Dong Joon! Oh my Dong Joon!

But dilemmas are always brought in by women. Falling in love can turn any sane man into someone who you wouldn’t imagine him to be or maybe vice versa. The fight scenes showed Ji Sub’s strengths and expertise. I can’t say anything about his looks because it’s already given that his look can kill!

The film is absolutely amazing, the writer did an awesome job here for that fantastic ending! Totally amazing! I recommend that you see it for yourself and be the judge!

I’ll give it 9.5/10 plainly because they killed my beloved Dong Joon and Ji Sub! How can they think of doing that??? OMG!

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[KMovie] Tone Deaf Clinic

This movie must have gotten to most women who are trying everything to change something just to be qualified and accepted by their loved ones. Well it surely got into to me, right to the very core!

Many people keep on saying that you should just be who you really are and if that person doesn’t accept you then just move on because he’s not the one for you. This could be the mentality of a lazy person, that’s why I think otherwise. Sometimes love doesn’t come to you like a fruit that would just drop from a tree, there are times you’d have to go up and pick it yourself. for me love is something you can achieve after working hard for it, that way it’s more precious and meaningful to me.

This is where changing one’s self comes in. You change something in you in a hope that your love can be one-sided no more. This way, you can proudly say that you did something and you won’t regret anything later. I hate regrets the most. I just think it’s the most useless feeling in the world.

I don’t see anything wrong with trying to improve yourself for someone else because at the end of the day, it is you who improved, isn’t?

Yoon Sang Hyun was so awesome in this (though he looked really smelly in here), there’s no doubt about that! I just wish I could have seen this movie with better subtitles. I’m giving it a 9 out of 10!