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Do You Need to Justify Your Dreams?

I have this long term plan of going to Korea to pursue the career I’ve been dreaming of. My goals are not that big. I would just like to own a small Nursery and become a Professor in a nice University. But what could spice up that simple dream is to bring it and do it in South Korea.

Many people would wonder why; of all places, why Korea? Well, basically it’s because I’ve been seeing these wonderful films and dramas for so many years now and my curiosity hasn’t died out since then. The culture, traditions, language, places, and food entices me and I kept wondering how living alone in this country would be like.

I’ve read some articles and rants about how living and working there is totally different from the things I’ve seen on my laptop screens but I don’t know why it doesn’t affect me at all. I guess I’d have to see for myself to actually know. What I know is that I’d have to try or live in regret for not trying at all. I see life as a huge experiment; an absolute trial and error and I believe there’s always a point where you can return.

My reasons might be really shallow for some but dreams are dreams. I don’t think you can reason out as to why you want a certain thing. Sometimes you just do.

With these, researching about things related to pursuing my career there has become a natural hobby of mine now and I’d like to share what I found and maybe we can all go together.