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[KMovie] Old Boy

It was really my brother who recommended this film to me and he uploaded a copy into my hard drive. I saw the movie like 6 months later.

On the first minutes of it, I was like “Oh well, it’s another crazy, unexplainable movie..”. I thought it was something like Lady Vengeance or The Housemaid but suspense and curiosity slowly creeped in when more unexplainable things started to happen. I wanted it to be over and solved soon and then BANG! That twist in the end just slapped me like no other! It’s insane and so twisted that I never expected it! Geez! It’s absolutely crazy! Like dark, terribly crazy! I know it’s possible to happen in real life but c’mon now! That’s revenge in it’s highest form.

I can’t give any ratings as I’m still pondering whether it’s crazy good or it’s just plainly insane.

If you like dark and deep movies, this is highly recommended. Go see for yourself and give me any feedback as to decide whether it was good or no. My brother says it was good (being a filmmaker that he is, he loves this kind of unusually plotted movies..).


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[KMovie] Confession of a Murder


This is a  movie that speaks about  justice systems and serial murders. What I don’t understand is that why is there a statute of limitation expiry for serial murders? It doesn’t really make sense!

Well, anyway, if there really is an expiry this movie is a nice wake up call. Movie wise, this is highly recommended. The action scenes were incredible, the cast are really perfect for their roles and plot twists are absolutely amazing. The ending was really unexpected and I loved it! That is what I’ve been looking for in movies! Something that is uncalled for or unexpected! Something really surprising.

The villain looked really scary, he was like someone who is actually capable of doing such deeds! Eie! If you want to see this movie get ready for some spiking flow of adrenaline! It’s an 9.5 out of 10 for me!