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[KMovie] S Diary


What can I say? I just discovered another treasure from Kim Sun Ah. Not to mention she was surrounded by 4 other amazing actors!

Her relationship with Lee Hyun Woo’s character was so innocent that for me it was all okay and I can forgive the guy too. He was young and it was the age to make mistakes. the second one with Kim Soo Ro was also beautiful, I could remember I had a relationship almost the same with this; college romance. But what Soo Roo did was not acceptable at all. I don’t think I can forgive such guy! The one she had with Gong Yoo was also nice and sexy but in the long run it appeared that he just needs another mom and he’s got a lot of play left in him.

If I would be given a chance I would also like to to do what she did. I would love to visit my exes and see how they are doing and just that! Asking an amount of money back that represents your memories is really low. I don’t think my pride would allow me to do that.

I would give it 9.5 out of 10 because it was a feel-good movie after all. It’s good to know that despite all of what happened, they all sincerely loved her at some point.