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[KMovie] A Company Man

DISCLAIMER: This article CONTAINS SPOILERS, so if you’ve haven’t seen the movie, you might wanna skip this review for now!

I always believed that Ji Sub is fit for bad-ass-in-a-suit roles and this movie showcases that a lot. It’s not the first time but being the hitman he is in this movie just made him look more glorious and irresistible. And not to mention Dong Joon! Oh my Dong Joon!

But dilemmas are always brought in by women. Falling in love can turn any sane man into someone who you wouldn’t imagine him to be or maybe vice versa. The fight scenes showed Ji Sub’s strengths and expertise. I can’t say anything about his looks because it’s already given that his look can kill!

The film is absolutely amazing, the writer did an awesome job here for that fantastic ending! Totally amazing! I recommend that you see it for yourself and be the judge!

I’ll give it 9.5/10 plainly because they killed my beloved Dong Joon and Ji Sub! How can they think of doing that??? OMG!


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[KDrama] Master’s Sun’s Finale


It’s now the time to switch off my radar on this super amazing series.

I can only expect the best from Ji Sub and he didn’t disappoint me on this one. He really does choose the best scripts and story lines. The drama is unique and really fresh to watch, it didn’t follow the usual order of most Romcom drama. There’s this fabulous fusion of horror, drama, romance and comedy in it which is very rare.

The characters were really portrayed well; the casting was as amazing as the story line, never a dull moment! I was anticipating what will happen to each character in the story and I wasn’t disappointed on how each of their stories turned out!

Yeah, happy endings might not exist in real deal but I still do like to see them in the dramas I watch. That’s the entire point of me, watching these series; getting the entertainment and fun as it moves along.  I wish to see the happy endings happen as it doesn’t in the real life.

Now that another So Ji Sub Drama has come to halt, the almost-never-ending wait will start again as I await again for his next project. I hope it’ll be another RomCom! As you can see, he suited it very well!

I would want to thank the staff of the drama for producing it and making oh-so wonderful! You guys are Daebak! 😀

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Master’s Sun is on my Radar!

Master's Sun

Last August 7, So Ji Sub came back and took over the Wednesdays and Thursdays time slot previously occupied by “I Can Hear Your Voice” with actress Gong Hyo Jin.

This drama series is one of the much-awaited dramas for so many fans of one of the most sought after actor in Korea. Master’s Sun is Ji Sub’s come back to the small screen after his movie “A Company Man” which was released last October 2012.

And it was just recently that I finally got a glimpse of what Ji Sub has to offer this time. He was known for acting all serious, scarred, fierce and sexy from his previous dramas and movies. This time, he plays as Joo Joong Won, a CEO with so much greed for money, cold and distant due to a traumatic past.

Ji Sub gives off a comedic feel into this drama making it his “almost” first shot in doing a RomCom Drama. It is like a breath of fresh air for me as he really dived into ROMANTIC COMEDY! Exactly the same how many other actors took their shots in RomCom like Song Seung Hoon, Cha Seung Won and a whole lot more.

Adding to that, what makes this drama more interesting is that this is a fusion of comedy, drama and horror all together with the love story between Joong Won and Gong Shil (Gong Hyo Jin). It makes oh-so excited how will Joong Won contribute to Gong Shil in shaking off her weirdness despite all the horror happening around them.

After watching 4 episodes, I got totally hooked and made me crazy wanting for more! I actually ended up watching Cain and Abel “again”! That maked Ji Sub my August man! Dang, I so want a co-worker like him in the hospital. I’d gladly agree to a whole month On-Call duty if he’s the resident!

I don’t think I can say more! It’s a given that Ji Sub-dramas are always “Daebak”!

Master’s Sun airs every Wednesdays and Thursdays, 9:55pm on SBS.

Here’s the long trailer!