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Supernatural Season 9

Whew, I don’t know! I’m still lost for words and I don’t think I can organize my thoughts on this ever. Each episode is like an oxygen to me, knowing that these could be the last scenes where I could savor all that Winchester-goodness!

I salute the writers for their never-ending ideas (it just keeps on flowing, doesn’t it?). Just thinking that they are going to end this show makes me miss Dean’s antics and obsession for pies. I’ll definitely miss the Impala (that nobody can disrespect!). And Charlie!!! I love all Charlie eppies! And that time when Castiel became human and had a relationship or somewhat a fling with this girl. Haha! OMFG! No words can describe that!

Gadreel, Gadreel…why did they make you wear that hotness of a vessel of yours again? Haha! He’s perfect and I’d actually believe him if he tells me that the world is square.

I don’t know how I feel about this ending thing. I’m sorry that my thoughts are all over the place. As I write this entry, I still have 55 days till the season premiere of season 10 (I do, don’t I?). I’m going crazy, I think! Hmmm…but what can we do, all good things comes to an end and we all know that Supernatural is way beyond good!



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[KMovie] Psychometry


Excellent and almost perfect! 9 out of 10, all because Kim Bum is here! (I think I should be spanked for rating movies because of the main leads. Haha! Can you blame me?) This completed my police/detective stories week! Totally action packed and some slices of comedy is just perfect.

It’s a little bit creepy because when Kim Bum does his Psychometry mojo he just gets into this seizure-like episodes of jerking and bleeding out everywhere. It makes me wonder if such abilities exist somewhere around the world. The movie would have been more awesome if they explained why and how Kim Bum acquired such powers. They just left audience hanging. On that note, they should produce a sequel maintaining the original cast or better yet, a drama series! That would be much more Daebak!

I hope KimBum gets to shoot and show more movies! Being the lead or not, he’s such a wonderful actor, totally beautiful!


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Winchesters are on their way back!


After the jaw-dropping angel shower finale from Season 8 last May 15, the boys are coming back for some hell-raising season!

As Sam discontinue the completion of the trials, Dean now is desperate to save his beloved brother for I don’t know how many time now. Sam collapses and the doctor made Dean so frantic by telling him that Sam’s life is in God’s hands. On the other hand, Sam fights for his life and faces demons to do so. While Castiel struggles to live without his angel powers

On some promotional stills, we saw Dean made sigils to ask for help from fallen angels and Sam interacting with Bobby and Death which made me wonder who else will he see to survive.

Switching from a Wednesday time-slot to Tuesdays, Supernatural 9 will premiere on October 8, 2013. Another heart-stopping season awaits us and I’m so thrilled to see the boys back on screen hunting evil so sexily. (Yeah, scary is the new sexy!)

There are speculations that the series will end on either season 9 or 10. I, too, can cope with that as dragging the story will reduce the quality of it. Let’s just all hope that it reaches until Season 10 so we will all have some more Winchester-goodness and we will be left with 10 seasons to savor each time we re-watch the DVDs!

To raise hell is what the boys do best, so they will on Tuesday, Oct 8! Stay tuned!