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[KMovie] Haunters

What can I say? I can actually watch Kang Dong Won doing nothing all day. Why the heck can’t he make more of these movies when his absolutely good with it. Adding to that, Go Soo in this film is adorkably irresistible.

The storyline is utterly unique! Loved it to the core! I especially liked the scene where Dong Won first entered the pawnshop where everything just stopped as he looked freakishly awesome. (What?! I mostly like good-looking weirdos Haha!) it made me want to know more and I was thrilled to see how he became such creature. (Which by the way didn’t got cleared at the end.)

I’ll give it a 9 out of 10 for the awesome and hilarious fight scenes and most importantly, the gorgeous men who starred in this movie.


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[KMovie] Killer Toon


I kind of expected the ending by just looking at the promo poster. The movie just shows how greed strongly affects one’s thinking. It has a perfect amount of horror and suspense. Lee Si young always oh-so awesome as I predicted and Uhm Ki Joon is equally fantastic.

It’s very creative of the author to put the scenes into the comic first, hinting the audience on what will happen next and making it all the more tensed and thrilling.

I’ll give it 8 out of 10 because the lead got a very unfair ending; no change of heart at all. She was a villain until the very end.


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[KMovie] Psychometry


Excellent and almost perfect! 9 out of 10, all because Kim Bum is here! (I think I should be spanked for rating movies because of the main leads. Haha! Can you blame me?) This completed my police/detective stories week! Totally action packed and some slices of comedy is just perfect.

It’s a little bit creepy because when Kim Bum does his Psychometry mojo he just gets into this seizure-like episodes of jerking and bleeding out everywhere. It makes me wonder if such abilities exist somewhere around the world. The movie would have been more awesome if they explained why and how Kim Bum acquired such powers. They just left audience hanging. On that note, they should produce a sequel maintaining the original cast or better yet, a drama series! That would be much more Daebak!

I hope KimBum gets to shoot and show more movies! Being the lead or not, he’s such a wonderful actor, totally beautiful!


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[KMovie] Blind


Another must-see! it was such a thrilling experience from beginning to the end. Yoo Seung Ho and Kim Haneul made it even more amazing. Now I crave for some more Seung Ho movies. The suspense heightened when it’s on the audience Point of View because we are the only ones who can see the villain.

The train station chase gave me goosebumps. If thrown into the same situation, I wouldn’t know what to do. The death of Seul Ki was so heartbreaking as I was reminded if my dogs with the same breed.

I just hope killings like this doesn’t happen in real life, for heaven’s sake, I’m a nursery teacher and just imagining these toddlers getting kidnapped, harassed and killed by a psychotic bastard who can’t get over his issues makes me want to puke and punch someone’s face!

This is definitely a 10 out of 10 kind of movie! 😀


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[KMovie] Cold Eyes


This movie caught my attention because of the lead casts. Han Hyo Joo and Jung Woo Sung are more than enough for me to give this movie an amazing bouncy perfect 10! they are just the best combo for a cool movie like this! Plus, plus, plus, this movie is Jun Ho’s first movie ever and he did a great job!

Well, aside from the amazing leads, I was not surprised that the story plot is equally amazing. It was a typical police story but the way they presented the scenes was incredible. That scene, when Hyo Joo was undercover for some mission but actually it was a test to secure a position for a job, was just unbelievable! How can one remember so much that sharply? Is that even possible? If our investigators and policemen were even half as good as this, there could be world peace.

This is not the first time, I guess, that I’ve seen a movie that haven’t got any touch of romance in it; none at all. But I wasn’t put off, it was like a breath of fresh air; something far away from what I always look for. As you may have noticed, I’m a die hard fan of romance and I always try to stay away from dark and heavily melodramas.

Just as how I am a huge fan of romcoms, my mom is the complete opposite! She’s into horror, thrillers and suspense flicks. I would definitely recommend this to her; considering that this movie is action packed and it will make you sit at the edge of your seat.

 For those who haven’t seen it, here’s a sneak peak!