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[KMovie] Commitment


TOP! Oh my, Choi Seung Hyun! (His image in Doom Dada pops in my head whenever I say his name!) Just knowing he’d be releasing another makes me ultramega giddy! But when it came out many fans were surprised by some nonsensical subtitles!

Well, nothing can stop VIPs like me, so I still went to watch it! And even with the sucky subtitles, I came to like the movie! TOP did really great here, such an amazing improvement in acting! Of course I cried in the end!

His acting made me believe he can be an innocent poor young man with a very very dark past and intentions. The dark part was kinda expected but poor and innocent? I don’t think so! I’ve never imagined him as someone so powerless. TOP’s charisma always demands control and authority.

This movie deserves a 9! One less point for that very unnecessary ending! (and sucky subtitles!)



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Recent Ear Candies!

I’ve been listening to these lovely tracks while I’m going to work, to the gym and even while I’m just showering!

  • Some – Soyu (from Sistar) and Junggigo (feat. Lil. Boi of Geeks) – this feel-good song has a very catchy melody. It clears my head and fills it with so much love; making me want to fall in love all the more.
  • Man on Piano – YoonHan – I actually heard this song from WGM, a show where the singer appears together with an actress, So Yeon. I’m loving this very cute and affectionate couple; they are very gentle and I can sense there’s a real romance budding off-cam (or maybe that’s what I just hope).
  • Doom Da Da – T.O.P (from BigBang) – Well, what can I say? This is from the one and only “Tatatatap”! I can’t just ignore this and push it down at the very bottom of my playlists. I’m not just listening to this track when I run; I watch the MV as it jump starts my workout! Doom Da Da Divi Da!
  • Crooked – G Dragon (from BigBang) – What could be the best motivation to keep me running for the next 20 minutes? Of course, a G Dragon who keeps on singing and whining that he’ll be twisted because I left him.