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T.O.P’s Movie Poster for “The Commitment” is out!


He’s back on screen, what more can I say? Those beautiful gazing eyes always leave speechless!

TOP’s upcoming movie will hit the theaters on November 6, so VIPs, be there!


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Seungri’s Gotta Talk to You MV and Let’s Talk About Love Mini-Album

The track is absolutely an ear-candy! The song stays in my mind! They did a good job in this one. Fresh and sexy album!

Seungri looks so seductive here! Love the tracks in his new album! GD and Taeyang even featured in his carrier single “Let’s Talk about Love”. Makes me excited for it’s MV!

Everyone is on the top of their game! Most of them are releasing their solo albums! Yoohoo! YG Artists are in a blast again this year! Just like how they topped all the charts last year!

Can’t get enough of all that YG goodness! VIPs out there, agree?

Let's Talk About Love